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Discussion in 'Gar Fishing' started by floundahman, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Alright it's confession time. I tried to clean a gar last year. All I got was cut. They have a very unusual skeletal structure and the meat seemed mushy. It seems that every part of this fish can inflict bodily harm:sad2: , except the tail that is. How do you clean one of these things without fileting yourself? Is it even worth it?
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    just wondering why you would want to clean a gar . the best thing you can do with a gar is throw it up on the bank and leave it.I heard people say they were good to eat but i would rather eat a catfish.

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    GO to the library in the upper left corner and 'click on library' scroll down to the gar section you will be amazed at this post!!
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    I hate gar while I am catfishing. I would say the best way to clean it is the way the cyotes and racoons like it. Just throw it up over the bank. I had gar meat last summer and it was nasty. I about puked. Dont take this wrong but we have so many gar in the Neosho that I think we can afford to atleast throw some of them out of the river.
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    Sounds kinda inhumane to just leave the poor thing to die. JMO:sad2:
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    a lot of people use to say the same thing about northen pike and pickerel that they are A boney fish and not good eating but pike is one of my favorite fresh water fish so because of that im going to try to eat one this year , this probably dont help on cleaning one sorry

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    gloves and pair of sheet metal tin snips works pretty fair. The meat is white and very good. They are difficult. Haven't' tried to clean one since the Kevlar gloves came along but bet they would work well.
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    Put the gar on an oak board. Place in oven at 375 for about 2 hours. Scrape the gar into trashcan and eat board.
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    Hey Guys if we thowed them all on the bank all us folk that just like to catch them pretty :spiderman: soon wouln't have any to catch
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    Agreed, it is completely pointless to throw a gar up onto the bank. Why not just let it back into the water where it came from? Why waste them at all? I personally love catching gar. Imagine if all people who don't like catfish just decided to throw them all up onto the bank, wouldn't you be happy? You don't go shooting animals to leave them rot in a field, nor do you catch a fish and let it rot on the bank.

    (PS: I really love how all of our legitimate gar discussions are ruined by a remark stating that gar are the devil and should be killed. If you don't have anything good to say, please don't post it here.)

    Back on topic... Here is a great tutorial by G.A.S.S. endorsed guide Mr. Bob Frick on cleaning longnose gar.
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    Gar are part of the eco system, one of the older parts of that which things swim in. Return them to the water, they do no damage to catfish or other gamefish populations and, in fact, catfish love to eat gar eggs during the spawn.
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    I worked at a fish market for several years. The way we cleaned them was to take a 2x8 board at least 3 or 4 feet long, lay this board flat. Then take 2 - 2x2 boards and secure these at an angle (in the shape of an arrow) 1 foot from the top of the base board leaving an opening of at least 3 inches between them so that the long nose gar will be held securely. (The aligator gar's nose will not need to go through the opening). Take a large knife or machette and starting at the tail end of the fish, holding the tail fin and slowly chop the top layer of hide off all the way to the back of the head. Take the gar and hang it up the way you would a large catfish and skin it the rest of the way with the same skinning method you use on catfish.
    The bones in a gar are in the shape of an upsidedown "T". The back bone is the "l" and the ribs are the "_". Start filleting the gar on one side and slowly feel your way down to the ribs and roll the meat off of the ribs as you follow it. Then do the same on the other side. It really is easier than it sounds, give it a try! I have fried gar just like I have my catfish but I perfer it grilled. The meat is mushy, just be sure to keep it cold and clean it ASAP!! I hope I explained it well enough for you to understand. Good luck