Cleaning a flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Michael Jake, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Michael Jake

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    Haven't seen any post on cleaning a flathead so thought we could open it up for all the feedback out there. I saw in general catfishing about bleeding which I do especially for processing a flathead. Flatheads are unique in body shape, so lets open it up and see what kind of help is out there.
  2. kat in the hat

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    I think flathead are the easiest to clean on account of their skin comes off easily for some reason. I just cut through the skin across the back behind the head then make a cut down the middle on both sides of the dorsal fin. I don't cut all the way around the head like other catfish for a reason. When you peel the fish like a bananna there will be a 'v' shaped piece of skin left on the belly which you pull back up towards the chin. The reason for this is it doesn't damage my favorite part, the belly steaks. Then just fillet, remove the red meat, the fat, then cut into 2" square chunks. As far as bleeding, it probably does help, especially on bigger fish, but I don't do it and the fish is always delicious. I have a good tip on skinning blues that I will post on the blue cat forum.

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    you are rite about the diference bro.,the ribs stick strait out. i start at the throat and remove the belly meat. then i fillet the back and sholders off like any other fish. then i split the belly in half and fillet the skin off(leaving the red meat on the skin to toss away. then i fillet the skin off the 2 back/side fillets. i leave the red meat on the skin in this proces also. by removing the red meat and faty parts you get a helthier and better tasting meal. for toxic and conservation reasons i only eat fish of 6#s and under.

    mike im sure if youu look harder youll find more indepth info on this subject.