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Clean Your Local Fishing Area

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I would like to see if maybe we could set a date to where all who would like to get together go out and clean up your local fishing hole or river.I am going to be doing this sometime next week i hate going down to the river where i fish and seeing nothing but trash on the banks, so like i said i think it would be a good idea for everyone to do the same maybe even make it an offical thing on the BOC. Me and my friends who also love catfishing are gonna put our boats it and ride up and down the river cleaning all the trash we come acorss, we will do this till we run out of trash bags or daylight then fish that night.I am sure im not the only one on here that hates to see where they fish look like a garbage dump, so lets all get together go out and clean it up.I will be takeing a camra and doing befor and after pics whoever would like to join me(you dont have to live in the dame state im askin all BOC memebers to do this in there area) and you are in or around fay i will be more then happy to set it up to meet and go.PLEASE EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS.If we let our places become dumps then we wont have anywhere to fish.
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i don't need a date. i pick up any trash any and every time i fish. its a habit. i :cursing: every time i bend over to pick one up. but the wife got me one of those two pronged pick up grabber thingies at a carnival last week. im gonna start taking it with me. its 3 foot long so no more bending over to clean some :cursing:es mess any more.
That would be a great thing to do, we could call it the BOC anual clean up day. Although I too, pick up trash all the time at my favorite places.
That's a great idea. I think you will find though that a lot of us already do that. But, nothing like spreading the word.
I'm with ya Tristan. Every time I go on the water I bring back more trash than I generate. Sometimes I feel like I need a barge! LOL!
Like every body else i too pick up trash on the bay when i see it .But once a year we get the local scouts involved and clean a 3 mile section of the river bank.It even gets a lot of the parents involved makes peop[le aware of whats going on gets a real good clean up and sometimes we even get some dads to take there kids fishing.Thats always a good thing.So a clean up day is a good thing to doits gets the little things we miss promots time for freind shipand helps make people awarethat a clean enviorment is great for all.Thanks every body for doing your part. :happ-big:
I know that must of the members on here pick up trash everytime they go out, i do as well.What i am suggesting is that we make a day of it doing nothing but picking up trash and maybe in your area if you get a couple of people in your area to go, for lunch you go eat at a nice sit down place or somehting along those lines, whatever you might want to do.I am doing it this sunday so if any of my fellow NC members that would like to meet up and go out there send me a PM.I would like to see other members do this in there neck of the woods.
I try to keep all the boat ramp clean that I use. I never toss things in the water.
I always try to keep areas cleaned up. I cleaned an area where I put the boat in over a river bank and got at least two bags full. I returned the next morning and had another bag full. It seems to be an end less cycle. But I tell people to pick up when I see them throw it down and of course have to listen to them cry. ;)
I also clean up reglarly, especially fishing line. Fishing line can be hazardous to fish and other wildlife. It is fishermen who need to help protect the environment not hurt it. That is the reason I like this site. I have met some of the most respectable sportsman in the country on this site, and while I am glad to see posts like this anywhere, it is my bet that it is really not needed for the vast majority of the brotherhood.

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