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The Classifieds section is provided as a service for use by registered members of

You must have accumulated 10 interactive posts before you can post in the classifieds.
When conducting business with other forum members please keep your questions and/or transactions within the Classifieds Section, or by the use of email and Private Messages.

When listing an item for sale, the following information is required:
PHOTOS are mandatory
exact description of the item, the best you can describe it.
what part of the world is the item located.
price of the item. (Negotiating can be conducted in private).
method of payment can be discussed with email or private messaging.
who is responsible for shipping charges should be clear to both parties.
is the item for local pickup only or can it be shipped. if it can be shipped, you need to figure out the packaging and shipping circumstances prior to listing.
use common sense when buying or selling anything online. (if it sounds too good to be true = BEWARE) does NOT get involved in any transactions whatsoever.
if anything goes awry in the transaction, it is strictly up to the buyer and seller to try to reach a mutual resolution.
Any items for sale placed in the General Forums will be considered SPAM and will be removed. Continuous posting of this nature could result in your account being terminated.

Please list only items directly related to FISHING in this forum. Catfish1 is NOT a clearing house for your unwanted household items. Please list those items in your local online venues such as CraigsList or hold a Yard Sale at your residence.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Classifieds Listings will be monitored
and any posts not within the requirements will be removed.
Notice: Items posted in The Classifieds will be removed after 90 days to keep all the content current.
if, after 90 days, your item was removed and you want to post it again, please feel free to do so.
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