Classic day downtown.

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    After taking off yesterday and getting semi skunked, drenched ect... It was good to see another member fishing...
    today was amusing at best.
    Rolled up at 7am to a guy who was fishing all night, lines everywhere, the boat"aka annable lee...not" is back so space is limited. He is pulling weeds out of his 2 tangled lines, fresh coffee in hand thinking yeah this is typical.
    He breaks out the shad/herring rod and starts slamming them left and right, I'm standing right next to this guy with the same rig...nothing
    this guy next to me....nothing
    3 hours later I get 1 herring and 1 shad...
    the classic is this fisher lady whipped her rod to another rod and pulled it into her braids.
    she had a rod stuck in her head by her braids. One of her own rods...
    Damn you can't make that up.:confused2: