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  1. bruce edmunds

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    does anyone on here ever fish the hill for cats ,and do you do any good
  2. bumper

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    No, I've never fished Clark's Hill, but I know the former GA St. record blue of 62 lbs. came from there. I'm pretty sure some 60 lb. class flatheads have came from there too. Maybe someone else that regularly fishes the lake can give you some info. Good luck fishin'.

  3. stumpjumper

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    Dallas, GA

    I have fished it twice in the past couple months with some success. I really did not care for the main body of water, although it is beautiful, it was a bit crazy with boats. We ended up with several flatheads (only used live bait) all of which we caught in Little River (GA side). None of the fish were over 15 lbs. This section of the lake looked awesome, tons of stumps and logs and brushpiles. I believe the river channel drops to about 40' at least that was the deepest we found. We camped at the Army Corps campround at the extreme northern end of Little River, which was real nice. It was also much easier to catch bream in this section of the lake. Just asking around (baitstore, locals) it sounds like this section is pretty good for flatheads and channels. In fact we saw some folks using jugs, and they had quite a few bread n' butter channels. We really wanted were targeting flatheads and the fact that we did have some luck was a great sign.

    Also in the SC Huntin & Fishin guide I have seen pictures of 40# flatheads caught out of the Broad River tributary (SC side). As far as blues, I am not sure. I do know that the main body of water is very clear and deep. Keep us posted if you go. It is kind of a pain for me because we live on the west side of Atlanta. I have no doubt there is good potential there though. Good luck!