Clark Hill lake

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    Went to Clark hill this weekend mostly family weekend didnt get to do much fishing.Fished for 2 hours this morning and had one flathead on for a few seconds till it took me into something.Actually caught a 4lb flathead while jigging a spoon for perch, that was a good fight on ultra light outfit.The highlight of the weekend was we where sitting on a sandy beach and heard somebody holler (get him off of me) everybody looked up.There was a man at the end of the boat ramp gettin drug all over the place, I mean that flathead was whippin his a$$ so his two buddies had to jump in and help him get it out.It ended up bein around 50 to 55lbs.Then they just threw it in their boat and stood around and talked for a half hour while she was layin there gaspin for air.It pisses me off but what can you do you cant call the game warden because it LEGAL for to do that.I told my wife that right there is why its so hard to catch a flathead out of this lake because of people like that.Every body I talked to this weekend about catfishin on clarkhill had a story that ended about a 50 or 60 lbr gettin grabbed out ofrom under the boat ramp.Its gettin out of control.
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    I was looking at the state parks on Clarks Hill before I came back to see what was posted. I'm thinking about taking my daughter down to camp and fish sometime soon. Glad to hear you had some luck.

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    I know how you feel chrisblue. I have yet to catch a bigun from clarks hill but when I do I will have the camera ready. I alway try to bring it. Its not like it would be any good to eat. So take a pic and throw her back for me!!