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    I've never been to the Claremore show, so I gotta question. Is the Claremore show just another boat/rv show? Or will we actually get to see and select some new fishing tackle? The Tulsa show was ok, got to see a lot of boats, mostly the "impossible dream", entertained two 7 year-olds for six hours, but no tackle.

    Jeff's booth and the MeatHunter booth pretty much summed up the fishing experience at Tulsa. What I love about the OKC tackle show is that while there are some boats and some rv's, the show is mainly for and about fishing.

    Guys, I'm a consumer, and I need to spend some money on tackle, even though I could keep a garage sale going for a week on what I already have.
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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Claremore show is mainly a fishing/hunting show. That being said, they have tackle, guides, and equipment for asle. As well as the occasional yarn to spin.

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    he's right Ron, it's more of a fishing show, then a BOAT show hence the name, and also don't forget about Nabatac they usually have better deals then any show has to offer
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    There's a few boats there but mainly there selling hunting and fishing gear. Guide service and all kinds of crap that has nothing to do with hunting and fishing. If you never been it's worth a stop I guess but there's really nothing new or different that you can't find at Acadamy, Bass Pro or Nabatak. I buy a lot of my hooks and set line stuff from selection for a indepentant shop around also they distribute to lots of smaller stores. There's some locals that do some seminars there also if your interested at the show. I go to the boat show to dream and get ideas...there's not much for me at the Claremore show that I want to spend the extra $$$ just to get in.