CJ7 lift question

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    I have a 82 CJ7 that has a 2" lift on front with shackles. It does not appear to have anything done to the rear and sits about a inch low in back. My question is this:

    I dont like the shackle lift as it seems to make the truck squirrely to drive. Can I use the blocks between the axle and spring or should I go with new springs?

    ANY advise is welcome.
  2. wylie catter

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    Well if they put a shackle lift on the front they should have done the rear also. I bet it does drive squirrely. Taking the shackles off is a good idea. It's not a very good lift method anyway. But the blocks in the front is worse. The U bolts work looser over time and people have slammed on the brakes before and the blocks come out. It can cause a serious wreck. I've read that a bunch of times in 4 wheel drive magazines. New springs are the best fix. If you still want it higher than stock in the front end buy lift springs. It's the only "safe" permanent way to do it. Good Luck.

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    Lift-blocks wouldn't work anyway as the axles set above the springs, so you'd actually be lowering the vehicle. Spring kit would definately be the way to go, and get good bushings with it, not rubber. Longer shocks would be required & are included with some kits.

    Steering geometry is "built-in" on the front axles (steering knuckles), by adding longer shackles, they may have actually changed it. Wheel bearings can be another problem, and oversized tires can multiply it.

    I'd built several CJ's over the years running up to 44" tires. I would cut the spring pads off the axles & relocate them to the top-side of the axle tubes, then relocate the springs to the top of the axle, this is good for about 6" of lift. On the CJ-5's I'd have the knuckles cut-off, pinion angle tilted upward & the knuckles rewelded, this would retain steering geometry and lessen drivesgaft angles.

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    they probably flipped the rear axle from on top of the springs to below it. thats why there's no lift components installed in the rear yet. lift blocks are.nt a bad idea if your using smaller ones to level it. and you buy good ones with pins to keep them in place. the u-bolts dont come loose unless thier not tightened evenly. a lot of people make that mistake. walk them down evenly several times working back and forth. recheck them after a couple hundred miles.
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    Your best bet would probably to go with a spring over and get some new leaves with a milatary wrap to deal with axle wrap. Depending on how high you wanna go you could get tose as a lift spring or as a replacement spring. new shackles would be a good idea, probably not the lift shackles but a good quality aftermarket one made for a lifted rig that will give you more flex.

    Then of course you have shocks to worry about and driveline angles, t-case drop all kinds of stuff.

    In all reality you prolly want to look on a jeep site for better info. I know a really good one and i will send you the link in a PM. I dunno exactly what the rules are about putting links for other websites in.