CJ Brown

Discussion in 'OHIO LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by pendog66, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. pendog66

    pendog66 New Member

    Brookville OH
    Has anyone gotten out and fished it lately??
  2. Monsterkat11

    Monsterkat11 New Member

    i havn't been up there in a while.

    i've been wanting to get out there soon actually

    its a good place to go just to bring in little ones, to mid sized one, and occasionally a big one.

    its very nice out there at night

  3. Doctor

    Doctor Member

    Springfield, Ohio
    Good News about CJ Brown,

    The new ramp is completed and they have clamped off the outflow, they are starting to fill the lake, possible launch dates for the new ramp is April they are working on the construction of the access roads for the new ramps, there are two retaining walls that have been built that should attract Shad by the thousands once the algae starts to grow on the walls,

    Monsterkat11, anytime you want to go on Cj Brown give me a pm, be glad to have you on the boat, Penndog already knows he can call anytime and join me, fishing should really start to pick-up here in the next couple of weeks, haven't been doing bad lately but being very careful back in that thin water with my boat.