CJ Brown sunday...

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    I went to CJ yesterday. Got there about 5pm and set my poles. One had cut shad on it, the other night crawler. The shad sit for a while and I had to rebait... The night crawler pole went down caught a 2 pound channel. The second shad piece I put on was a little smaller than the first. I made a really long cast back toward the creek rather than out into the channel. The pole only site for about 2 minutes and I had another fish. The bit was slow and I didn't want to walk the long bank in the dark so I moved closer to the creek. I set up near the pile of boudlers and cast near the opening between the boulders and the Island. Managed to catch a few more cats and a carp. The only bait I had left was night crawler. Shad must be in short supply because it is hard to get ahold of any.