City Boy vs Country Boy

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by alands94, Nov 26, 2006.

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    Lebanon, I
    I had an interesting conversation the other day with an old high school classmate who I haven't seen in 12 years. I mentioned fishing and the BOC and he said that he was surprised I was interested in "that outdoor stuff"'. He said he and his buddies never asked me to go fishing with them in HS because they always thought of me as a "city boy". He went on to explain that since I was viewed as a 'jock' and a 'brain' in HS, they never thought I would be interested in fishing. Not only was he surprised to learn I have been a lifelong fisherman, I love catfishing and I love being covered in blood, slime, and stinkbait.

    I was wondering - do any of you stereotype others as country vs city? More specifically, have you ever met anyone in person that you met here at BOC and been surprised at their occupation, where they live, the way they look/dress, etc.? Did your stereotypes hold true?
  2. r ward

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    Kathleen G
    I have looked at the occupations and could not believe the diversity we have here and yes some surprised me

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    I really never thought about it before but when i was in hs the jocks typically werent into hunting and fishing [i know my brother wasnt] but my brother was also the best natural wingshot ive ever seen
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    Interesting post. I do get sterotyped and it usually makes me smile. Played sports a lot (jock), degree in accounting, work in a highrise office building, etc ... folks are shocked I can run a trotline and skin a buck (thanks for the song Hank Jr.). And when people here I fish, have a boat, etc. the automatic assumption is bass fishing.
    Outdoor/fishing folks come from all walks of life. But as with all strerotypes, there usually is at least some amount of truth or reality to the sterotype. Are "country boys" more likely to be the outdoor types than "city boys"? Probably. But is that because one or the other is born to be that way? or because of the enviroment they are raised?
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    I define myself as a country city boy LOL

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Before I met DH for the first time I pictured him entirely different than the little troll he is. LOL!
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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Im a country boy (grew up in dairy country) and moved to the city when I was 13 yrs old. took me 2 yrs to fit in (kinda) or atleast enough that the center city people arent yelling at my booty huggers (jeans,everyone wore jeans back home right, not 5 sizes too large and hanging off your behind like these city people do). I fall into the country boy stereo type and am not to suprised when I see other city folk fishing but to what extent? a yuppie will fish and have the fancy do dads & brand name stuff but do they really enjoy it on the same level as a country boy whose not afraid of getting mucked up in slim & mud and God knows what else in pursuit of a bite? or are they like the guys you see on tv fly fishing and not having a speck of dirt on them? Do we all enjoy the pursuit the same? I dont think so. but I do think we all enjoy the fight the same.
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    I heard every word of that Scott, or most of it.
  9. Wil

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    i have done that to a few of the kids at my school. but they are either true or im gonna be very surprised cuz the people i think dont hunt n fish i just cant see them doin it. one kid screams whenever a grasshopper jumps on him so i know hes a high maintanence kid. kinda funny to mess with im though lol!
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    OKC, OKLA.
    I grew up in a small town in south central Kansas, about 450 people when I left there. Hunted and fished the Arkansas and Walnut rivers for that part of my life. That was for sure country life. I moved to Okla. City and spent 28 years there. I didn't find the people much different, just a bunch more of them. I hooked up with some guys who knew more fishin holes than I could even think about. But most folks think of OKC, as a country boy town anyway. I didn't find many city boys in OKC.
  11. CatfishHateMe

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    well, i live in the city, i wear jeans and tee shirts with classic rock bands almost every day. and most people think id be the oppisite of an outdoors person. but the truth is i love being outdoors more than anyone ive ever met. weather it be on the river bank all night in the summer and spring or in a deer stand all day during the fall and winter. i consider myself a "Country boy trapped in the city" if you will:tounge_out:
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    marion kentucky
    You are who you are and we all on here are different. The diversities is what makes a lot of it so great. WE are ALL SEEM to get along even though we are different. I was born and raised in the sticks and if I can one day I will be moving back. COuntry life is so much more peaceful and enjoying than the city life. I am sorry but city life is not for me.
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    well I live way back in the country, but i dont think it matters where you live...Either you can catch fish, or you cant.Doesnt have a whole lot to do with where you are from.
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    Minden Nebraska

    i hear you brother! amen to that
  15. Hope

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    Well, this doesn't really answer the original question, but I've lived in the city and in the woods in the middle of nowhere up in Michigan, and if I'm going to live in the boondocks, I'd much rather be in Oklahoma!! The people here are so friendly and down to earth... an entirely different world. :smile2:
  16. laidbck111

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    I was a jock and grew up hunting and fishing. Now I am an old fat guy that gave up hunting, for the wife, and still fish.
  17. Cheryl

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    Now Benji, you know it was all about your love of your wife that you gave up fishin', not for your wife.

    Great thread and great responses! Since I'm not a boy, I'm not responding to the original post at this time, but I would like to say, I've met "boys" that thought they were country boys and were far from it. Then I've met city boys that turned out more country than the ones that thought they were, :lol:

    Keep the posts coming. Interesting!

    Take care.
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    I don't stereotype other folks too much. Mainly because I am one odd combination of both worlds myself.

    I grew up in the Ozark area, A regular hillbilly and a hick, as I was told. Then my family moved to the big city (Kansas city) when I was in high school (sophmore).

    To the absolute surprise of almost everyone (myself and my family included) I went on to study in a University (for about 12 years) and got several degrees and traveled around the world while doing it.

    I work professionally with people that could mostly be described as pretentious self professed PETA promoters and up and comming yuppie wanna be's. A crowd that really can't understand how I or anyone else could really enjoy getting slimy catfishing. The few that I have met that can accept fishing to any degree, only think fly fishing is acceptable, they think it is artsie because they saw that movie "A river runs through it".

    They most often think bait fishing is gross and cruel. Odd, they all seem to eat fish though, but apparently they can't, or are unwilling to fathom how the fish got on their table or that it was a fisher person that put it there. Even the farm raised fish have to be caught somehow and are killed before they are delivered to the grocery store.

    Generally, I don't tell people about my favorite past time anymore. Unless they also are anglers.
  19. Little Luey

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    I grew up in the city, but we did some fishing there also, if we wanted to go to the river we just had to drive 100 miles to get to it, if not the local lagoons on the park district had fish too.

    This weekend while fixing my girl's bicicle, my neigbor's kid, (he is 11 and he killed his first buck lask weekend), asked me if I was in to hunting, when I said no, he was so surprised because a lot of people here in Az hunt. He went on to asked if I owned a rifle, another NO, he said he did not know anybody who did not have a rifle, even his 6 year old brother has a 22 caliber he said.
  20. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    I was born and grew up just outside Detroit in the area made famous by Eminem's movie, "8 Mile". I lived at 9 1/2 mile. It sucked. I hated it. My sister in law went to school with the 2 idiots from ICP. My older sister used to run an auto parts store and had the guy now known to you all as Kid Rock arrested for stealing more than once... That area of south warren near detroit just was a suck-hole for insane and socially useless people.

    I spent my summers at my grandpa's farm... hated farm life and how hard you had to work to just make it out there.

    When I went to college it was small central michigan town- 50,000 people during the school year and then 25,000 in the offseason. I fell in love with that middle-town atmosphere.

    Now I live in a place where I dont have a neighbor for a mile in any direction with the exception of one couple who are my age, and I work in a town of 9500 people. This is where I want to be. This town is my kind of town. Everyone knows where you live and who you are, but nobody omes knocking on your door at night. Its perfect.

    Laid back country living is great... but then again... Im usually going down the road to my favorite fishing spot playing gangsta rap or techno all the way. Im still a city boy a little I guess... but that gangsta rap part of me is a victim of the "peeping Tom" lifestyle- I listen to rap only to climb into the life of those guys for the moment and realize that Im one lucky SOB for not having given in as a teen and joined them. I listen because I like the beat... I laugh at the lyrics, and I remmeber what a rat race city life was. Whenever I dont feel like being a part of the city, I shut off the radio and open my truck window. I like that ability and that power to decide what defines me. And I cannot stand country music... no offense to anyone who does like it.

    Ive been back to the city a dozen or so times in the last 5 years... I hate it there. I hate driving in it, living in it, the noises, smells.... even the bleach-flavored water. I take a bottle of well-water when I go. :wink:

    Ill take country living any day, but city music. Whatever that makes me... well, I guess Ill have to live with the title.