Circling the Circle Hooks

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by fourteenfootcat, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. fourteenfootcat

    fourteenfootcat New Member

    Big Spirit Lake, Iowa
    What size circle hook would be appropriate to hook a 1 to 2 lb carp, behind the dorsal fin, for dem big flatheads? All answers are greatly appreciated.
  2. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers New Member

    I don't fish for flatheads cause there are none around here,but if your plannin on usin a 1-2 pound anything as bait i would think bigger is better.
    At least a 7/0 8/0 gamtsuzuki
    Just be sure the hook point is exposed well enough to get a good hookset.

  3. nuthinlikeacat

    nuthinlikeacat New Member

    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    I don't know how big of a flattie your looking for, but I firmly believe in the northern states where the cats aren't as big as down south, a 5/0 or better is sufficient. Have caught and seen many 50+ lb flatties caught on a 5/0 hook. Bigger hooks are nice, but can be considered overkill. Here in MN,I'm using a 5/0 fishing with 8+ inch bullheads. As whiskers said, make sure you have the hook exposed....without that, any size hook is useless.
  4. Blue Hawg

    Blue Hawg New Member

    Decatur, Alabama
    I applaud your attempt at using this huge bait. But good gosh, reckon how you'll keep that fish from swimming all over the place??? You'll have to trim its fins or something, right?????
  5. bigpapa15206

    bigpapa15206 New Member

    Man plan on waiting a long time for a bite, but if u get one hold on!
  6. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    Well one thing for sure who ever said a 5/0 hook is wrong. Gamakatsu makes some circle hooks called "big eye" I have some of them in like a size 10/0 and they just might be big enough. Depending on where you hook them at. I would probably hook them in the eyes but thats just me.

    MUDHOLE KID New Member

    A bait that size I wouldn't even fool with a circle hook.I'd go with a 12/0 live bait hook.I use circles ,but not for that.12/0 would be small.I use 10/0 circles in everyday fishing with cut bait.Check in Bass Pros deep sea section.Don't be fooled in thinking a huge bait is the only way to catch a huge flathead,you'll catch more trophies on normal size baits than something that large.Dude that's big for sure.A hand size gill I can see ,but a 2 lb carp is pushing the envelope :D :D
  8. loop

    loop New Member

    This comes from a couple old timers that fish lake Afton near Wichita,Ks.
    They pole fish the same holes that have produced for years in the lake,using 1 to 1 1/2 lb carp.They use 10/0 an 12/0 regular "J" styled hooks, hooking them in the meaty part at the end of the drosil fin.These guys have been written up in the news paper several times, it's not uncommon for them to get 40+lbers regularly.When they hook one they pull up anchor most of the time an let the fish pull the boat around,they use a 12ft flat bottom boat.
    Just thought I'd throw that little tidbit in.
  9. joesf

    joesf New Member

    Bloomington IL
    I have some very large 20/0 shark circles that I bought from ebay. I think you would still have a hard time hooking that big of bait and leaving the point and gap open even with them.
  10. Kittyhunter

    Kittyhunter New Member

    Princeton, NC
    Obviously you are seeking monster fish but here is my theory. Big fish eat smaller bait too, so if you use smaller bait, not only will you catch big fish, you will also catch more fish since smaller ones can eat your bait. I have caught a 35 lb flathead on a bream head that was about 2-3 inches long. In our group of guys, there have been 50 lb fish caught on small bream (4-8 inches). With that said, I use 6/0 circle hooks (Lazer Sharp from Walmart) and I bend the circle open just a tad so it is not quite as tight a circle as original. I think this makes it a little easier to put bait on and think it allows the hook to get into the corner of the mouth easier. We will usually put out one pole with a bigger bream on it just in case, but usually catch all ours on 4-6 inch bream.
  11. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster New Member

    Chrisman Ill.
    I use 7/0's and nothing smaller.
  12. turtle1173

    turtle1173 Member

    Mayfield, KY
    Certainly that sized bait is what most would consider large. Is it too large? I don't personally think so. If you are after fish under 20 lbs, it might be too big. I highly doubt that's what you're after though.

    A look at a decent Flats mouth reveals that a 2 lb fish wouldn't be much. I imagine they snack on fish much larger than that. A 12/0 hook (circle or otherwise) doesn't look like much in a Flats mouth either.

    Certainly big fish eat small bait. Can anyone say they prefer it or is it just a matter of what they find at the time? Small fish eat big bait also. Slimcat and I got a 5 lb Flatty on an 8" whole skipjack with a 10/0 King Kahle hook the other day. The bait looked a little big for his mouth but he had it all in there, LOL.

    My opinion (for what its worth): Use some large hooks with your large bait and have some fun!
  13. slimcat

    slimcat New Member

    marion kentucky
    Man don't let people tell you to not use big bait. Big flats have been known to eat 20lb blues,carp, and buffalo. THe big boys can eat some serious baitfish. Even the smaller fish, like Shane just explained, will eat big bait. Flatheads will not shy away from whatevers around but the top predator in the water would rather dine on a 2lb carp rather than chase 6-8" shad all night!
  14. lookinfurabiggun

    lookinfurabiggun New Member

    That bait is huge 2 lb carp!!! wow I have never put anything of that size on and I caught a 20, and a 60 pounder on 1" fresh shad chunks. And to top it off the hook on the 60 pounder was a 4/0 baithook.
  15. FishMan

    FishMan New Member

    gama 12/0 big river hook is the best for big baits. it also comes in 10/0. If you are fishing for a record I wouldn't use anything else, it is really a heavy hook. I like circle hooks but as a rule they are weaker.
  16. JAYNC

    JAYNC Active Member

    Newport N.C.
    I would probably use a couple 12/0 hooks for a bait that big, I am not saying its too big of a bait but the odds of one hook being set are pretty low, look up how king mackerell rigs are made, but just make them bigger.
  17. Kittyhunter

    Kittyhunter New Member

    Princeton, NC
    I never said NOT to use it. What I said was you will catch MORE fish using smaller bait since the percentage of fish who can eat a smaller bait fish is greater than the percentage of fish you may catch useing large bait. Yes, you can catch big fish on big bait. If you are willing to sit for long periods of time waiting for that monster to come by. Why not use a smaller bait that that same monster will eat, and in the mean time, catch some nice fish?
  18. kccats

    kccats New Member

    Olathe, Kansas
    I applaud your ambition to catch big cats!
    Although it is true that big fish still eat small fish, if your targeting really big fish I think you are doing the right thing.
    Flathead's will eat fish up to 1/3 their weight.
    And to answer your question...
    At least a 12/0 hook I would say.
    You may want to consider 2 hooks, 1 for behind the dorsal and a smaller one through the nostrils.
    I would also consider sprucing up your bait a little by trimming its fins so it swims funny and maybe taking some of the scales off.

    Let us know what you decided and how you did!
  19. Abu

    Abu New Member

    I want the biggest liveliest bait I can get. Only my opinion but I want the baitfish sending off as much vibration in the water as possible to attract the flatheads. Only wish Gamakatsu made the Octopus Circle larger than 8/0. On bigger baits I use the 10/0 Eagle Claw King Kahles or even bigger Eagle Claw Circle Sea hooks. I try to stay away from the heavy wire circle sea hooks because the baitfish does not live as long or stay active as long as they do on a lighter wire hook. For big carp I do have to use the bigger hooks for the larger gap in the circle. Abu
  20. muskie_hunter

    muskie_hunter New Member

    New Martinsville, WV
    i have used some pretty large suckers for bait! i put a large kahle hook up through the top lip nose area.....attached to the front hook a steel leader, run it the length of your bait, put a nice big treble hook on the end of the leader and stick one barb towards the rear in your bait leaving the other two barba exposed to hopefully hook the cat! this is how the old timers would rig large suckers for muskie fishin... hope it helps