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  1. Northstar

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    Do you guys use circle hooks? I do and think there the shisnit. I have only had two fish swallow the hook in the past 5 years. I may miss a few fish but the ones I don't, don't swim off and die with a hook in the throat. The fish up hear have a slow growth rate lets not kill them befor they become hawgs. They also don't get hung up on wood as much. If you guys try them make sure you don't set the hook. Just reel into them or give or give em a swift rod sweep.
  2. shanelures

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    don't use circles, hav'nt had any luck with them.i hav'nt hooked anything deep either.i tight line and i'd have to say if you waight long enough for it to be hooked deep, your pole would have been long gone before then!!!! shane

  3. DLB-in-GR

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    I do sometimes, depends on the situation. If I have a hot bite (small channels), I can't deal with 3 rods at a time, and usually hold one rod with one in a holder beside me on the bank. As soon as I see the line start to move off, I set the hook, gets em in the lip with a treble almost every time. If I am fishing 3 rods because the bite is slow, or I am not paying attention, or I am using my Hawg Seeker with the bait alarm and am tying hooks or fishing for bait, then I'll use a circle, but they tend to peck at it, take it a couple of times before bending the rod over, and I seem to miss a lot of fish with them. I have also noticed that I do get them in the gullet with circles too, just not as often as with trebles. But since I am usually using dip bait and planning to keep what I catch (channels under 25"), I don't care. If I am using live bait for larger cats I always use circles.
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    Grand River Valley, Weste
    The only time I don't use circles, is when I'm fishing a live bait under a float. Fish tend to hook up instantly grabbing a suspended bait, rather than sit there swallowing it like when it's on the bottom.
    I rarely ever miss hooking up when fishing a live or cut bait near the bottom (I use a three way most of the time, but that's another story). I firmly believe that a big reason people miss hooking up with circles is because they need to up-size from j-hooks. A circle hook needs to have some gap open in order to work right, even after you stick it through a big bluegill or something. An 8/0 circle is NOT too big for 3 or 4 pound cats!
    I love those 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus circles for everything. They're strong enough for big fish, but thin enough so the bait doesn't die from being hooked.

    Another thing that I think helps is to fish with the rod tip pointed toward the bait, & the clicker on. I know that's against all tradition, but I believe it lets the fish swim off without bending the rod over & feeling a big sudden jerk when it finally lets out line aganst the drag. It gives me time to grab the rod, turn off the clicker, and thumb the free spool to see what the fish is doing.
    Then I can wait until the fish is taking line, so I know he's facing away, and sweep the rod to the side to hook up.
    Try it, you might like it, but if you don't have rod holders that will secure the rod in a near level position, be sure & tie it to something sturdy!
  5. plainsman

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    I've only fished channel cats, I seem to have better luck tight lining with circle hooks. I like to have a little slack so they can grab the bait and move off with it and swallow it, but it seems if the bait is too big for then, they will stay and eat it all if the line don't move.
  6. deerhunter3161

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    Yup haven't had a lick of trouble since I have change up from regular hooks no more swolling the hook and much better hook up's . I haven't had a foul hook in the gut only three times this year after plenty of fish being caught. Just waiting to get into a big catfish with these hooks like a flathead cat