Circle Hooks for Catfishing, Love Or Hate?

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    Original post made by James Ronald Phillips(Scificatman) on October 26, 2002

    Over the last year or so much has been said about circle hook.One guy loves them the next hates them seems to be no middle ground,it is enough to make me wonder just what is going on with this not so new invention.Stone age natives carved circle hooks out of bone ivory and other materals many thousand years ago.Now you would think that a native with a flint knife carving a fishing hook would not be working on something that did not work and do the job it was intended for.Then thousands of years later tuna fishermen fishing long lines and were talking miles long found them to be the best hook for the job they were doing,that being catch the most fish with the least amount of work on their part.Now that is where we pick up the story of fishing with circle hooks and the catfisherman.

    Starting this spring I began using circle hooks and nothing else.To say you have to change your old time fishing habits is putting it mildly,there is somethings that you can't do with circle hooks and one of the most important is you cannot set the hook.When I say you can't set the hook that is it, no getting around it all you will do is pull the hook bait and all out of the fish is mouth.Having said that you would say well how in the h#&& can you catch a cat without setting the hook,Like telling a b@$$ fisherman you can catch b#@@ in a jon boat yea sure.So now we will talk about the things I have learned about circle hooks and catfishing.

    At a sporting good store I picked up a couple of cheap rod holders buck thirtynine each the kind you stick in the ground and looks like you got a spring on the top where the rodhandle goes.At the first big rain with the creek up and muddy I put my first circle hook in the water placed the rod in the holder then set back on my five gal bucket and waited.A few min later the rod bowed down the drag crying out I took it out and landed a ten lb channel cat.That afternoon I caught seven or eight cats in the five to fourteen lb range missed only one fish and was hooked on circle hooks.

    Another method you can use is circle hooks under a float.Only thing you have to do different with this style fishing is not to set the hook.Instead of a hook set you just take up the slack in the line and slowly lift the rod up,kinda like you would wave at your motherinlaw just kidding,just make sure you lift the rod up real slow.

    Drift fishing a lake or river with rods in a good study holder you can trust is a great way to fish circle hooks don't have to change your fishing style when you drift fish just maybe wait a little longer before you pick up the rod and leave off the hook set.

    Circle hooks are also great to use on limb lines,jugs,and trotlines just replace regular hooks with circle hooks and fish in normal way.

    Some brands of circle hooks that I have tried so far are Daitchi,Mustad demon,Owner mutu light,Eagle claw lazer sharp,
    and Gamakatsu.One thing I have found with all these hooks is when useing a super line like Spiderwire in the 10-50 or 6-30 the small dia of the line will pass though the gap in the eye

    of the hook the larger the size hook the more this is likely to happen.I lost a few good fish before I started doing something to stop this from happening.What you can do on the larger size hooks is after you tie the knot run the tag end through the eye of the hook untill you fill the eye up then just go up and tie two square knots with the tag end.This has no purpose but to fill the eye of the hook up so your knot will not pass through the gap in the eye of the hook.

    When fishing circle hooks use as small a bait as you can get by with,any large bait that will slide down and block the point of the hook will result in no hook up.Baits that work great are lip hooked minnows or bluegil leaches are great as are red worms and night crawlers cheese baits on spunges work good.If you have said to yourself these are channel cat and blue cat baits you are right and they will work great on them.I will have to leave fishing below dams and flathead fishing to someone with experience that I don't have but circle hooks could work there also if the person knows what he is doing.

    So buy a pack of circle hooks and give them a try you just might like them,all I can say is they will catch fish if used in the right way.Regards and catch a bigun scifi
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    You are right....You love them or hate them. One reason that I'm so fond of them is I think it's less hook trauma when using live bait such as bluegills or live skip jack. Also if you fish with liver or anything of that nature the circle c seems to hold it better. I have 10 or 15 jugs rigged up just for liver. The circle c is definately the best choice there. The hook seems to turn somewhat when the bait is struck and I seem to lose less bait and have alot better hook sets when using the circle c. Good fishing, Josh