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Circle hooks and dip worms

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Hey guys,
Just got back from the secrete fising hole with the little woman. We killed 'em. Had a great time. Forgot the camera though. I was using those circle hook sponge rigs and worked great...but I forgot to bring extra sponges. So when they wore out I tried a dip worm. Had a little trouble threading it on but once one it worked like a charm. The little ones would peck at it but the bigger ones, pan sized to 5 pounds, would grab it and go, hooking themselves in the side of the mouth, top or bottom of the jaw. The hooks were Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Circle 1/0. If I were back in Alaska I'd be halibut fishing but this is almost more fun.

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Glad to see you having as much success with circles and dip worms as I do!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the cat's meow when it comes to catching channel cat. God bless.
In the words of my daughters, THEY ROCK! :D

Question? You remove the standard treble that comes with most dip worms and put in a standard hook. Great idea i never thought of doing it myslef what type of bait where you using.
Hey Bacariopro,

I was using Hogwild, Charlies shad and Charlies blood dip baits. I like the sponge rigs better but the worms worked good enough. You can find the sponge rigs on e-bay by doing a search for "sponge rig".

i don't use dip worms much except in the spring before i drag out the boat. ive used looper rigs at a pond outside of town here with success. always good to hear remakrs from someone haaving good luck with things before switching. i may give thworms a try at the pond next time. glad ya had a good day.
i have been try sonnys bait(blood) w sponge trebles so far no luck w them they are easier to use and hold the bait better than the worms also used looper rigs they are excellent at holding the sonnys , seems around here dip bait just doesnt work didnt even take it with me on my last outing
I have tried hogwild dip blood for the last two days at the urban lake have not had any luck not even a bite the just stocked the catfish but it still been slow I have tried worm, chicken livers, (left out in sun almost all day) magic bait whopper shad. hot dogs, caught a most of them on chicken livers last night does anybody have any ideas what esle to try
I too have been having good luck with circle hooks and dip worm also. I can never get those trebble hooks back untill I clean the fish, so have lots of tubes without hooks. Around here we mix hog wild with G&S. G&S is 5 bucks and hog wild is under 2 dollars. So it streches the G.S. out with same results! I tried the hog wild alone and got nothing!
Where do you get the premade circle hook rigs?
Phil, you ever hear of Bowker's? My dad and I used to use it down in those canals near El Centro and Calexico and it worked really good most of the time. We'd dip sponges or just about any bait we were using in it. I've tried it here with no real good results. I've used Hog Wild original here with good results a few years back though. Strange how one bait will work good in one area and not another.
Hey Brian,
Centralcalcat got some and said he done really good in SoCal, but has not caught anything it up here. Crazy how that it worked there but not here. :confused:
It is strange. We used to buy Bowkers at the ice house in Calipatria. Back then it came in a real glass jar. I heard they got bought by someone and the recipe has been changed, but not sure about that.
I have not tried Bowkers yet Byran, but if I see it, I will give it a shot! I am pretty new to using dip baits. It's funny, I use to find half used jars of it at every fishing hole and never thought much about it. Just recently, I was fishing with a buddie that works at a local tackel shop and he convinced me to use it! We were nailing channel cats left and right, and several in the 7 pound range. Now I always have some. It seems that when they are biting, no matter where you cast, they come find it. Pretty cool stuff that it requires no frige, so I keep some in my jeep all the time!
Hey Phil,

You sould try some "Wicked Sticky Dip-Bait" the next time you use some Dip-Bait.

Trust me - Your like the results. :D

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
I have never seen it Bert. Where do you get it at?
Hey Bert, you use it with a looper rig or a dip worm? What do you like about it? I take it that it catches fish, but how is the consistancy? Didn't you have some at the gathering?
Hey Phil,

You can get some from the "Catfish Conection"!

Hey Robb,

I use it with a "Looper rig" & I also use it with a "Dip-Bait Worm". I just love the way it stay on your rig in the current of the Delta & "Yes" I was using it at the Gathering (when I wasn't using Shad) LOL :D

Sorry that it took me so long to respond to this, but you belive that I just seen this today. :eek:

What can I say? :know-big:

Take It Easy Fellows,
Bert :cool:
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