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  1. gottagetabigun

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    i see a lot of you guys use circle hooks. i have never used them. i use kahle. please give me some advantages of using them verses the kahle. i lose very few fish on kahle hooks. i can't imagine them being any better. the only problem with the kahle i can't find the 8/0 to 10/0 in stainless. every once in a while we'll have a day when we miss a lot of fish. usually it seems like that happens when we are fishing after a front. them are the days when i think a different hook might be more effective.
  2. alands94

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    Lebanon, I
    Well, for me I love circles when I drift fish. The fish hook themselves, they rarely come out of the fishes mouth, and I haven't had one swallow the hook yet. They are also great on juglines. In stillfishing applications, however, I still prefer Kahle hooks. I also like setting the hook when stillfishing.

  3. loanwizard

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    When the fish are aggressive you just plain don't miss fish on a circle hook.

    I don't personally care for Kahles. That said I have about 50 10/0 King Kahles in the box.

    I also have 8/0 Gamakatsu Circle hooks both offset and straight in the box.

    I also have 10/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hooks for the finicky days.

    I repeat, wehn you have the rod in a driftmaster and the fish are agressive (say an average 5-6 second run on a clicker) you don't miss fish.

    That said, don't use the clicker with a circle. With a circle set your pole in the holder, set the drag so the line don't break and let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

    When the tip of the rod is purt near in the water, pick it up and reel.

    The biggest advantage is unless they are sucking in the bait and not moving, you almost always hook the fish in the corner of the mouth. No swallowed hooks helps the catch and release guys preserve the species.
  4. AwShucks

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    It don't seem to matter to me now as to what type of hook I use. When I put a circle on, I ignore that pole and watch the ones with J hooks or Kahle hooks. The circle hooks sort of take care of the situation by themselves. LOL. I notice you live in Oklahoma also... I would just like to mention that other than the Cimmaron, we have very little water in this state that is salty. Those stainless steel hooks you accidentally break off and loose are going to be in the water for quite a while. Hope I'm not wading where your fishing. LOL
  5. gottagetabigun

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    actually i would like them for my jugs. i like to sharpen my hooks. when you do this with a bronze/nickel plated hook they rust in no time. that is really my need for stainless.
  6. tofish

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    gotta agree on not using stainless hooks. but, what ever works for you. as for circle verses kahle hooks, whole different kinda of hooking. with circles, you let the fish do the setting the hooks. you do not (i repeat) do not set the hook yourself. i've never guthooked a cat with a circle. always in the lip or mouth somewhere. well, a few times down the throat a little ways, i do remember now.
    my problem where i live is only place i can buy them off the shelf cost me my left arm and right leg to do.
  7. yeppa

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    I use circles, but I'm old 'n slow!!
  8. Pappy B

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    I catch 98% of my flatties on a circle hook.When the bite is light I'll use a smaller hook 5/0 - 7/0 thin wire.It's very rare I'll gut hook a fish.When I'm river fishing in heavy cover,I won't use my freespool/clicker,I just sit on my rod and wait for a load up.My son uses J hooks ( he doesn't like circle hooks ), and about 10% of the time he'll gut hook a fish cuz he's too busy farting around to grab the rod when he first gets a hit.
    I hope this helps a lil' bit.
    Pappy B.
  9. kingneck76

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    I run multiple rods at the same time. I have been known to have 7 rods in the water. I have also had 3 go off at while I'm pulling one fish in. Thats what I love about circles. Let those rods set, and get to em when you get to em. As long as you have a good solid rod holder, and its not a monster he will be there. If your around snags you might get wrapped. I have even stopped reeling the fish in on one pole to grab another that was trying to spool line. Got him in, and went back to the orig. I do use a khale from time to time. Mainly when I am very close to a lot of snags. I know that I will have to get him out of there quickly any how. Plus I do love crossing those eyes, and miss that when using circles.
  10. catfisherman_eky3

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    I use circle hooks and i love them
  11. Junior42

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    I love circle hooks now that I know how to use them.
  12. JAinSC

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    put first name
    My fishing buddy uses circles some of the time, and I fish with kahles all of the time. We both catch fish, but I am convinced that he misses more hook ups than I do (and yes, he leaves the rod in the holder until they are hooked).

    We both fish the same way, with the rod in the holder and the reel engaged. Doing this with kahles the flatheads almost always hook themselves and they are almost always hooked in the corner of the mouth or near the lips, just like with a circle, so I personally see no need for a circle hook.

    Why do you need such big kahle hooks? I use the standard sunfish for bait, most from 5 to 8 inches long, and I have never needed to go to more than a 5/0 kahle hook. Remember, you should be matching the hook to the size of the bait, not to the fish you hope to catch. Unless you are cinching the drag down on 80 pound line, you will not straighten a 4/0 or 5/0 kahle. My buddy usually uses 3/0 kahles and has never straightened a hook, including catching a couple of flatties up to 50+. The only need I could see for the 10/0 kahles would be for really big baits like a 1 to 2 pound sucker or carp. Rigging a bait on a hook that's too big for it will just kill it faster.

    Don't see the need for stainless either. I fish bronze eagle claw kahles and they don't rust for me. Of course, I probably loose most of them before they get a chance to rust anyway, but if you are not loosing a few rigs, then you are not fishing in the right spots! Hooks are about the cheapest part of your rigging, and they should probably be replaced after a trip or two anyway.
  13. riv56

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    I like kahle hooks I love hearing that clicker scream, an I do agree with matching your hooks with the size bait you use. I normally use a 5/0 to a 7/0 the 5s for blue gill an the 7s for the 12 to 15 inch trout, those flathead eat those trout like candy. Sorry getting away from the subject keep your circle hooks I just cant sit there an watch that rod jump with out picking it up.
    good fishin fellas
  14. bigsmitty13

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    I like to use circles for the big boys, but not when I am fishing for pan sized cats unless I am using smaller shad for bait. The circles are my favorite type of hook, but I really have trouble getting a worm on one.
  15. arkrivercatman

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    I love the feeling of settin the hook so its kahles all the way with me.They work good for jugs too.Ive been fishin all my life and not yankin is hard to do for me.I rarely miss a fish on kahles.
  16. waynesburgjay

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    I agree with a lot of you on the Kahle hooks, I like setting the hook on a fish thats half the fun of fishing.

    FATFLATTIE New Member

    ILM, NC
    I use circles for cut bait with no clicker and I use J-hooks for live bait with a clicker. Just what works for me. I had absolutely no success with using circles and a clicker, just am not patient enough:smile2: I like to engage the reel and set the hook using live bait but that's just me. It doesn't matter what kind of hook you use, if it's used correctly you won't be gut hooking any more or any less fish with circle than you will with a J-hook. I've actually not gut hooked one single fish in the past year with a J-hook and have gut hooked two that I can think of on a circle.
  18. Catfishdaddy88

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    They work good with agressive big fish but i cant talk myself into usein them my dad will use them on his big penn reel but i like jackin them big boys so i know the hook is in em!:wink:
  19. Dadoftwo

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    Oklahoma City
    It took me awhile to figure out the whole circle hook thing but I learned not to use them unless in current or drift fishing. I still prefer to use Kahles in still or slow moving water. I suppose for me it is just a preferance.
  20. Ol'Yeller

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    I like both Kahle and Circle, but if I have several rods set out you can't beat the circle hooks. Just pick em up and reel.