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Circle hook tips

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After reading a lot on the forums about the circle hooks...thought I had better try them. So, what tips can you give me for being a first time circle hook user? I know NOT to set the hook but to keep tension on the line after the fish has loaded the pole with its weight. Then keep reeling keeping the tension on the line. Any thing else that will help in my success? I got Gamakatsu Octopus Circle 6/0 hooks. Thanks
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If your hooks have an offset eye you should use a snell to tie them on.
You got the right idea on how to use them. I decided a few years ago to try them and was so amazed that they are all I use now, even smaller sizes for bream. One thing I have learned though is on some designs you may need to step up a size or two due to the smaller gap on some designs. This applies more to standard circle designs than to modified circles such as the gamakatsu octopus circles. I prefer the modified circles that have a wider gap that is easier to get a bite on the thick jaw of a cat. One thing that is of absolute importance is to ensure that the bait does not in any way interfere with the hook point. Since you are not setting the hook with a solid jerk anything that shields or covers the point will allow the hook to slide out of the mouth.
My favorite is the gamakatsu octopus circle. One thing I like about circles is the high percentage of corner of the jaw hook ups. I really hate it when a cat or any fish gets gut hooked. With standard J hooks I would estimate that nearly a quarter of the fish I hooked were gut hooked. Very rarely has a circle stuck somewhere other than the jaw. Offset circles are more guilty of this than in line circles.
Good luck and I hope you have as much luck with circles as I have.
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thanks for the great tips so far guys. Couple of things there that I didn't think about.
for channel fishing i preffer 5-6/0 size. seems to miss less for me than larger ones. flathead i have some 7-8/0. seems like the daiichi 7/0 bait stop is a popular choice.
i just give it a firmback sweep when i feel the fish on the line. seems like with circles the fish bury it deeper as they fight. one thing i found a must i a pair of pliers. these hooks can be a bear to remove from the jaw flesh.
gamat, are a real sharp hook right out of the package. seem like the octyopus have just a needle sharp piont so you should have good luck with them.
like the others said. make sure the barb is exposed and for using bait like bluegill and shad whole or cut make sure the bait doesn't cover the point. bait size can be important when using smaller circles.
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