Circle hook technique

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    I'v read alot about circle hooks on this site and everyone says don't set the hook, let the fish load the rod and let the hook set its self.

    OK, but what do u do when the fish is slacking your line an instead of moving away loading up the rod, its moving towards you slacking the line?

    In this situation I normally pick up the rod and slowly reel up the slack and when I feel the fish, POW I set the hook.

    But what do you do with a circle hook?



    tap - tap oops fish on gotto gooooooooooo
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    This is what you do. Leave the rod in the rod holder and start reeling that line up as fast as you can. This will make the hook turn in it's mouth and hook the fish. Just like it would if he was going the other direction.

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    Tight lining is a good and one of the most comonly used techniques for circle hooks. Just set your line as tight as possible and let the fish hook himself.
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    I started using circle hooks a couple of years ago and was fishing around a grainery. The weight I was using was not heavy enough and when I cast out the line would drift to the back of the boat. As I was baiting my other pole My line started going back upstream I grabbed the pole and began reeling the slack out of the line. When the line got tight the fight was on. I ended up catching a 25# carp right between the eyes. the hook wasn't even in it's mouth. sorry it wasn't a cat but it was stil fun reeling the old dude in.

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    when a fish is moving back towards you or horizontally the method I use is to reel the slack out and just let the fish set itself, eventually the fish will change directions or pull the slack back out of the line. Remember even when you see you have a fish running with your line you still have to be patient and stay focused on how your hook set works so stay calm and let the fish do the hook set for you otherwise you may go to set the hook and pull it right out of their mouth. tight lining is key though even if they run at you they will change directions so just keep it tight and the fish will set itself.