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    this season i'm goin to seriously try circlehooks. i been reading that you need certain types of rods that load steady. i was wondering if the uglystik catfish rods are a good choice. its what i currently use. also is stren high impact line a good choice? i read that it stretches some wich is good for circle hook fishing. and last but not least what angle do you set your rods? and please fill me in on any other circle hook tips!
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    I use ugly stiks and 100lb power pro. As soon as I wear out this line I'll drop to 50-60lb. I usually set my rods at a 30% in the boat 45 degrees on the bank. Good luck,


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    For blues my favorite is with the rod strait up in a spiral rod holder, with the reel engaged but the drag lightly. For flatheads, which usually hit softer, I'm more likely to set it down on the ground, in freespool with the clicker going. I engage the reel when they pick up some speed.

    I don't honestly think the rod or line are that critical, but you want some backbone in the rod. I use a Shakespeare Tiger rod and 100lb Power Pro most of the time.. There isn't much stretch in this setup, but not because "no stretch" is a circle hook requirement, it's just a preferrence. I got a 42lb blue on a circle on my channel cat rig last year, and that rod is way more limber.
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    Circles will not always work.

    I'm still wet behind the ears but just want to give ya the other side and let you decide. In the last two years approx. 80% of the Flatheads I've caught on the Ohio River were pecking at the cut bait. IF I were using circles I would have to give back about 50 Flatheads or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!