Circle Hook Dimension Chart

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    Orignally posted by Darrel Miller(Cornhusker) on October 31, 2003

    Kenneth Petty (Polebender) headed up this project. He asked that I post this information for him. So in my own words here are the results of the project.

    The circle hook is loved by some and hated by others. Numerous threads and posts have appeared on this board exchanging information about the circle hooks. One thing that most can agree upon is that the circle hook has no standard specifications and is left to the manufacturer discretion.

    Perhaps the most upsetting is the lack of compliance to a standard for hook sizes similar to that we see for other hook styles. It is not possible to know the physical size of a circle hook based upon the size number given it. A given size varies dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    In August Kenneth Petty (Polebender) volunteered to undertake this project to collect and put into a spreadsheet the physical size of as many circle hooks as possible. The measurements were not available from the manufacturers so it fell to the BOC membership to measure the hooks available to them and forward the numbers to Ken.

    The spreadsheet is now of sufficient size to be of value to the BOC Membership. It can be viewed as a page in your internet browser so no spreadsheet software is required. Remember, these measurements were all gathered by volunteers. It is not beyond possibility that there are some errors. Even if we do find errors this spreadsheet contains information that is not available anywhere else that we know of.

    To Kenneth Petty (Polebender) and all that contributed, Well Done and Thank You.

    Circle Hook Dimension Chart

    ***NOTE: Pictures in chart do not show up yet. This will be fixed soon.