circal hooks are making me mad

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  1. slikk03

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    i have said it before, but every body swears by them, the problem is the fish will not bend my rod down and hook themselvs , im using the best size and best brand gamma 8/0 my rod will bend then i reel in and nothing,im swiching to kaels for good , or is there a little trik to the reeling part im not geting, on the other hand i caught 2 ten pounders on them with worm that dident even bite they wee just on wen i reeld in, im at a loss, kael or circal, and i love my clikers i hate whating my poll for 8 hours and them bells ont go ding wen they bite, and were i fish isrip rap and rock no mud,if any body around central illinois thats a pro can go with me id appricate whating your circal techneiq

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    It sure sounds like ya are on the rite page with them. All I can say is make sure ya got enough hook point exposure and that they are good and sharp. Ya can fish with em on free spool. When the line starts to peel off simply take the rod outa the holder keepin it horizontal with the water. Engage the reel and sweep up the rod. Don't try to cross thier eyes. Just a good sweep up with the rod and the race is on. Keep the faith baby. LOL!

  3. Big Sam

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    Dont feel bad i did the same thing going back & forth from "king" kahles to circles.....Until i read every thread, library item, watched a "few" folks at tournaments....& figured out that putting the bait on the hook correctly is definately # 1..:tounge_out: ya cant put giant pieces on 8/0' gamma's consistently//the tip of the point to the shank must be clear.....I switched to 8/0 team-catfish dead red double action circles & have been hitting around 8 to 9 hook-ups out of 10 if my rod goes down enough to set the hook... I never tried setting the Team-cat hooks but i have watched Jeffery (the president) do it so i know ya can....stretch in your line is a factor also, & the stiffness of your rod makes a difference plus the angle you have it in your rod holders...i never pick one up without reeling the handle several turns to ensure the hook is set in that patient:tounge_out::eek:oooh::wink: let him have at it make yourself watch and tremble!!!:smile2::tounge_out:
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    The whole idea of a circle hook is that the fish have to help hook themselves. If they are just nipping at the bait, taking it into their mouths, spitting it out, and not picking the bait up and moving off, your just not going to catch one on a circle hook. The fish has to load the pole. Someday when I'm fishing, every fish will hit the bait like its mad at it and circles do good. Other times it's like they are too lazy to even eat and they won't take the bait. On those days, switch to J hooks or kahle's, cause a circle just will not work.
  5. Dan the Fisherman

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    I agree with Sam. You must have the point clear to the shaft. I hook the tail most of the time when I fish for flats or drift where there is very little current. I kept missing fish after fish until I started hooking shallower on the bait. I have been doing much better now.
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    My largest initial problem with circles was patience. See a fish nibble and nibble and get anxious and start reeling. Once i learned that if the fish wants it bad enough they will bend that pole over and you're good to go. But like i read earlier sometimes they just are just nibbling and you need to switch it out...
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    I still like the circles, however sometimes there is a hook up problem if the fish are just playing with the bait. You have to Pee the fish off by slowly moving that bait out of reach. He will come and attack it soon enough, then the hookup problem is gone.
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    The problem isn't your technique. it's your location! I live in central Il. and there's not a whole lot of fish that'll bent your rod like that. LOL I do have a technique to hook the lighter biters though. I'll watch the pole in a rod holder, when he starts to bent the tip down but not load the pole. i'll start reeling without taking it out of the rod holder. if it's in his mouth it'll set the hook.
  9. WylieCat

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    Switch to another hook you believe in.

    I use circle hooks all the time, but I am tired of trying to convert people. They are not for everyone, especially those that are not willing to change their ways, or folks that do not give the hooks more than one or two chances on fishing trips.

    Use what you are comfortable with, be it circle, kahle, or traditional "J" hooks.
  10. Dreadnaught

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    Man, took the words right out of my mouth Lawrence!!!!