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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by slikk03, Jul 26, 2009.

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    well, im going to buy a bigwater for blues, but,im also wondering how many of you use hevy action rods with circal hooks,i like headvy action for lift but i run circal hooks alot, i here alot of boc guys say you got to have bend or the circal wont worki right, but by doing that you sacrifice lifting power to get em off the bottem, i plann on getting about 3 good rods, all ugly sticks, i want a tiger 7 but i want the one thats going to rase that flathead off the botem,the bigwater is already going to be boght but thats for blues, now i want a good flathead uglystick that gives me lift and good bend for circal hooks,,i run freespool alot due to my rods being stiff, i use circals on my ten glowstick its a good rod, but i thoght id get a tiger in the next year or so not soon just wonderd medim heavy or heavy
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    If your getting a Tiger Rod you might want to consider the MH action. I have no problems getting the fish off the bottom or turning their heads. It works great with circle hooks. I have picked up and felt the action on the heavy action rods and to me they are just too stiff. Just my .02 cents.

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    Thanks for the post Jake an good luck on the fishing action.
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    Jake, I rely on my drag setting more than the rods action. I can set a circle off a telephone pole when I set my drag right....but I do realize that you like to run free spool.

    IMO, I wouldn't go heavy unless you situation really calls for it....