Chumming in Missouri...Is it LEGAL???

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by davemo, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. davemo

    davemo New Member

    was wondering if any of you folks know the legality of chumming in missouri?
    I got the new fishing pamplet today and couldnt seem to find the rules on chumming .Any info would be apprieciated
  2. thomas feldon

    thomas feldon New Member

    Farmington, MO.
    Are there certian ways of legal and illegal chumming. Besides trout parks. What can you use and what can't you use.
    Better yet, what are some good working rescipes.
    What waters do they seem to work best in?
    Are there any postings from the state, that states, that it is legal?
    Just wanting to avoid any conflick with the conservation officer that I have recently encontured at ST. Gen. Big guy with a big chip on his shoulder. Dumped the ice out of our cooler looking for whatever. Sad to say all he found was ice, 1" thick. Good thing we were done for the day. Checked us from stem to stern, inside and out. Ran a check on my friends and me too. Told us to" have a good day". Was until then.

  3. blackhorse83

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    sounds like he was mad cause you were fishing and he was working, most of the guys that have checked me were not like that. I did however have a female officer check us comming in from a duck hunt once that we had a lot of fun with, by asking what kind of birds we had, she didn't know a mallard from a canada goose and we sure poured it on. When she left she sure had a red face.
  4. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    I always check the states dividion of wildlife and parks. I just emailed mine about Jugging in Ks. They said it was Illegal. :( Most have the complete law available and not just the highlights they publish in the flyers.