Chumming for catfish

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by fishingrl636, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. fishingrl636

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    Lake Eufaula,OK
    Does anybody take time 2 chum 4 cats? If so what do u use?
    Any little bit helps.
  2. okiecop

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    Grove, OK
    Back 20 yrs. ago before i knew better we used to use cans of BOLO dog food. We would just use a screwdriver to punch holes in the can and then throw it in the water. This was done during the Afternoon and then the area was fished later that night.

    Not sure if works or not but I have also heard that you can use cattle cubes to chum for cats. But heard it takes a day or two for them too work. If all else fails you can try the chum bucket they sell at wal-mart. Never tried it my self but ya never know how it might work.

  3. tkishkape

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    Gore, Okla
    I rarely chum since the chum only fires up the bite in an area if the fish are there to begin with.

    If you dump grain, dog food, cattle cubes or bales of alfalfa hay, you're baiting a hole. Sure, the fish will congregate in the area feeding until the bait is gone, but generally the fish attracted will be the smaller ones.

    It's easier and more productive to find the fish and catch them on natural bait. In the early spring, fish the shallow flats where the fish are beginning to stage up, preparing for the spawn. Try it... it really works.