Chumming for Catfish with Mackeral

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    Original post made by Michael A. Smith(Raven10) on August 19, 2003

    i met an elderly couple {in their 80s at least}bank fishing lake tawakoni this weekend.i talked to them for a few minutes to see how they were doing and if the fish were biting.they had a stringer full.when they left for the day he told me he had baited a few holes near the bank and where they were ,we caught 28 cats blues and channels in about 5 hours.the smallest we kept was about 4# and largest a 21#blue all on shad cuaght in a casting net.he gave me his recipe for chum so ill pass it on it seems to work and ill be making some soon: in a 5 gal bucket combine the following 2to3#of deer corn, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder,4tubs of chicken livers run thru a blender,and what he says is the secret 5 can of jack mackeral kind of mash the makeral up with you hands before adding it then cover it with water and stir . let it stand in the sun loosely covered for a week or till the smell gags you whichever comes first.he had his greatgrandson row out about 15 to 20 feet from shore in a little rubber boat and dump it in 3 spots about 30 yards apart parallel to shore. then he scatered some from shore with a coffe can.we did real good that night while most the others i talked to the next day got interesting side note we had 2 stringers both of them just yellow nylon ski rope run thru the fishes gills. about midnight something grabbed one of them and tore the rope in half taking 7 good cats with it.i dont know what it was but i wasnt more than 30 feet from the tree it was tied to and didnt get there fast enough to save my fish.there were no boats near us so i figure maybe a gator or a really huge turtle????? any way good luck and good fishing
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    You know, that happened to me once. It was in an old cattle pond (around 20 acres). We always caught alot of fish in this pond, it ranged from 6" - 18ft deep. Many times we had something grab our rope stringer and snap it into. One night I got smart. I used a 1/8" steel cable along side the rope and clamped the biggest treble hook I had to the end. Around 1am there was a huge commotion around the stringer. I grabbed the line and pulled. BIG MISTAKE! The line cut my hands real bad. I grabbed a tire iron out of the truck and twisted it up with the line. The fight was on. I managed to pull in an alligator gar that was a little over six feet long. I'm 6'0 and it was at least 3 or 4" longer. Man that fish was upset. I beat it to death with the iron and threw the pieces back in the water. We continued to catch many more fish in the years that followed, until my uncle sold the property. Looking back I wish I had kept that gar. It would have been a nice conversation piece hanging on the wall. LOL