Chumming flathead catfish???

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by moosman66, Jun 29, 2006.

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    When everyone speaks of chumming are they generarly speaking of chumming a deep hole or chumming in like the edge of the current. In my situation most of the time I'm fishing in at least a little current. So how do i go about trying to chum in maybe say the edge of the current. I would'nt think you would just cut some bait up and throw it out letting it float down stream. Also if any has any tips on what to chum with. I hear that most chum the same thing as they are using for bait. Any information would be greatly appreciated

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    Never chummed for flatheads, but for blues I freeze left over cutbaits in milk jugs and cut the jugs off the blocks of Ice/bait before dropping them in the water. This method is great when there is current. I'm no flathead expert, but since they seem to prefer live bait, I doubt chumming would be as effective as it is for channels or blues. Hope this helps.

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    It would seem to me that if you were chumming you would draw in alot of the baitfish so the flats may not respond to chumming,but they might follow the bait fish. Never hurts to try.
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    I have never heard of chumming for Shovels, but it could work to a degree by bringing in bait fish to the area. Good luck if you decide to try it.
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    IMHO, No Matter What You Do In Current, All Or Part Of Your Chum Will Go Downstream. Now This Can Be A Good Thing If This Is Where The Fish Are At, After All They Will Probably Swim Upstream To Locate The Source Of The Chum.

    I Believe That If You Are Using Ground Up Or Chunks Of Fish, It Simulates "Leftovers" From A Feeding Frenzy. Therefore Attracting The Fish, Figuring That There Is A Food Source There.

    Now How You "Store & Deploy" Your Chum Will Determine How Much Goes Downstream. For Instance If The Current is Relatively Mild, I Use The Chum Balls I've Made Up From "Leftovers" While Cleaning Other Fish Or Bait That Didn't Get Used. I Form These In The Size Of A Baseball, Mix In A little Sand Or Gravel, For Weight And Freeze Them On Wax Paper. Then When I'm Marking Fish Or Trying to Attract Some, I'll Throw A Couple Overboard So They Sink.

    In The Event The Current Is Very Strong, I Use My Chum Tube I Made Up With A Weight Attached To It And Lower It Down On A Piece Of Rope. If I'm Marking Fish At A Certain Depth, I lower The Tube To That Level, In Order To Present It To The Fish.

    If You'd Like, I can Either Make You One Up & Send It To You Or I Can Send You A Drawing, So You Can Make Your Own. Beware I Can't Draw Worth A Crap :lol: Elliot
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    I have never chummed for flatheards either, however an idea could be to take a second pole and hook on a bluegill or whatever live bait you use, and cut it and make it bleed into the water. Maybe after the blood from the live fish starts leaking into the water the fish maybe drawn to that.