Chumming a hole?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by bhunt, Sep 9, 2006.

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    Im going to chum a whole at a lake here in texas by sinking a burlap bag full of reather range cubes our soured milo. Which one does every one think well work the best milo aour range cubes? Im going to keep this whole baited all the time.
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    Soy beans work best for me.Also they work best not in a sack , just pore them in the water.

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    either should do you right, I agree that pouring them would be better than bagging it.
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    bhunt Them soy beans work Good! This is how I do it. I take a five gallon plastic bucket and fill it up half way with soy beans and poor tap water over it just enough to cover the beans and let it set over night and the soy beans will swell and absorb the water then I use it as my chum. works good. But Man do those beans have a stout smell to them. I think that is what makes this atractive to the fish, Your Friend J.D.

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    Chumming is the way to go for catching huge numbers of catfish. For bait I would HIGHLY recommend using Wicked Sticky or Jo Jo's Pole Snatcher. Throw out your chum and hang on. Cracked Corn, Milo, Soybeans, Wheat, Range Cubes, just about anything that is grain that has been soured will work wonders with Cattracker Dip Baits. Good luck and God bless.
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    Purchase a 55 gallon barrel with a lid if you can. Clean it completely of whatever was previously inside. It's best if it was not a chemical drum. The blue or white plastic drums that dairymen get soap and iodine in are excellent. If it's plastic, use a saber saw and cut out the top.
    Go to a feed store and buy a 50 pound bag of milo or corn. Pour this grain into the drum. Fill the drum 3/4 full of water and tie a large piece of cheesecloth across the opening to keep out flies. [the idea is to make chum, not grow maggots] Let the contents sour for at least two weeks.
    Use this chum by broadcasting the sour grain into the water where you intend to fish. Use it at the rate of 1 quart at least 1/2 hour before dark, then replenish the chum 1 pint at a time whenever the bite starts to slack off. Don't use too much, or the catfish will eat their fill and stop biting.

    Fish-based chum​
    This chum recipe is a little more messy, but works best in moving water.
    Use dead shad, minnows, and/or perch for this one. Any rough fish you catch can be included, as well as the remains of cleaned fish. You can include finely chopped chicken livers if you like. Chop into very small pieces with a knife or use a coarse food grinder set aside strictly for bait grinding. The wife will never again let it into the house, so store it in the shed or barn where it can be exposed to the air. It can be used fresh, or allowed to "season" for a couple of days.
    Ladle the chum into the stream so that the current will carry it past your baits about once every 1/2 hour starting 1/2 hour before dark. Keep the chunks small so that the catfish will smell it, but have trouble finding it.
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    will it work the same if after its ready for chumin to freeze large quanities for later use , or place in the water for a delayed release