Chum location?

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by uapipefitter, May 30, 2008.

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    Howdy brother catters, got a question for you guys who chum. I have a receipe and a good cattin' river that I fish. I have never chummed on a river before so I guess trial and error, right? Just to save some time, should I look for holes and dump it up stream of the hole or some other place on the river? Half mile down from the hole I fish I have a small river that flows into the river I fish should I try it at the mouth of that one? Long drive to this place and with the cost of gas and chum wanting the most bang for my buck. The river is probly thirty yards wide and my hole is nine feet deep. Which seems to be the deepest spot for miles. thanks trent
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    when i used to chum with cotton meal seed cake (when i could get it) i put it in old socks with some rocks to hold it on the bottom and toss in fish traps as well.don't know your water current but it would work in the deep drops offs and if there is a current just add a brick to it with 10 ft cord (depends on the water current and depth ) with a bottle attached so you can retrieve it when you are done.