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    Original post made by Gary Miller(Ggm) on January 29, 2003

    Chum....I have a 55 galon barrel which I put about 200 lbs of HEN SCRATCH ( a mixture of maise and cracked corn you can buy at any feed store, cheap) I then cover it with water and let sour out in the sun and weather for about two weeks before using. I like the hen scratch because it has the maise that is very small and hard for the fish to just come in and eat all up but also has chopped corn which is bigger and easier for the fish to find. It really stinks so if you have close neighbors , downwind this might not be a real good idea for you. Always keep the hen scratch covered in water. I usually take about a half of a 5 galon bucket out for each trip to the lake and I also allow some of the sour water to go into the bucket, get a bucket with a GOOD TIGHT lid. When you get to the lake I usually mark the spot I'm going to anchor the boat and drive a slow cirle around that spot, about casting distance out from my marker, and dump it slowly out behind my boat so the outboard motor churning disperses my chum. This works well if I have a couple of people fishing so a cast in any direction out of the boat is in the chum. If you are alone or just want to fish in one direction , obviously you would only want to put the chum in the diretion you are going to fish. Because you are only using small amounts out of your barrel at a time you always have a "starter" for any new hen scratch you add to the barrel so it is a perpetual system and you will always have "chum" ready to go whenever you need it. This sour mixture works just great for Blues and Channel Cats. I usually use earth worms for bait while fishing over this bait..but have ahd good sucess on liver too. Works very well if you are bank fishing too... Hope this might help someone..