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    Original post made by Chuck Johnson(ChuckJohnson3) on May 24, 2005

    ok here is the receipe i use.
    1. Get a 50# bag of Cat fish food from a feed store.(floating or sinking it doesnt Matter)
    2. Get some of the disposable containers from Wal Mart like the wife puts left overs in.
    3. Boil a big pot of Water.
    4. Pour the boiling water over about 3 lbs of food. (depends on how much you want to make)
    5. Mash with a pototo masher.
    6. When cool check to see if it is thick enough to make a bait ball about the size of your hook.
    7. If not thick enough you can add Flour,Corn meal, Dirt, or corn starch.
    8. Add in some garlic powder and salt you cant use too much.
    9. Put it into the dis. containers and refrigerate.
    Caution: This bait will spoil easy if it starts to stink like its rotten i have never caught a fish with it.
    It will last forever its very hard to cast out until you get the hang of it. If you find it is still to thin to cast on the bank then just make a patty out of it and put a little dirt with it.
    The bait works best in the middle of summer I always have chicken liver and have fished it side by side with the livers and have caught fish on it when the livers went untouched time after time. It just made sence to me after seeing a game warden feeding catfish and the water was boiling with then eating the food. I made a batch up and man it worked well. Becarful to tie your pole down or anchor it somehow because you dont get small nibbles on it when they hit it they hit it hard. I have found it works best with a treble hook. Im sure you could add blood or anise oil or what ever you wanted to the bait. The best part is its really inexpencive to make and last a long time. Anouther word of caution if you check your bait it will be gone as it will come off the hook as soon as it is moved. I think that is the reason for the hard hits because it falls apart in the cats mouth and he finds the hook after he sucks the remainder in. when you are done fishing just pop the remaninder in the frig. until your next trip. THIS DOES NOT WORK WELL IN FAST WATER USE ONLY IN VERY SLOW WATER OR PONDS AND LAKES. Im sure you guys can add or take away something to make it better. Give it a try and i dont think you will be disapointed.