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    omaha, nebraska
    what is the best way to hook a live chub? also, whats the best rigging for a slow river?:0a23:
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    California Miss
    i use live chub a lot. I hook mine twice thru the tail, what i mean is by running the hook clean thru once the push the point back thru again, pushing it thru so the barb is completely thru and a little bit more hook is thru. I know some people think that a big fish will see the hook but i can reassure you that this way has caught MANY big cats.

    The best slow water rig i have found is by putting a weight(what ever size you see fit) above the hook anywhere from 4inches all the way to 8inches and either peg it, tie it off with a swivel, or by tying a cigarette butt under the weight to keep it from going all the way to the hook and bait.

    hope this helps you.