Chubs for Catfish Bait

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    This is a copy of the article that started the “Information Exchange” which grew into the “BOC Library” on the old BOC Website.

    Written by James Ronald Phillips (Scificatman) and Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2002 - 11:45 pm:
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    Ok Corn I will go first on this topic also I will honor Jesse168 and start with bait you gather or catch yourself.That would have to be creek chubs(Semolitus Atromaculatus) native to most of the US at least east of the rockies.In free flowing clear creeks in my part of the country west KY these minnows achieve a lenght of 8-10 inches.In my opinion chubs are in a class of their own as cut bait for channel cats.Below big river dams they will catch fish and are good bait but probably cut shad will out fish them due to the fact shad coming through the turbons are a major sorce of food,and the fish are condishioned to feeding on them.All you need to catch creek chubs is a wal-mart minnow trap,some plain saltines with salt,place in a small clear creek in holes usually around three feet deep.If you are unsure the minnows you see are creek chubs or something else pick up a piece of gravel the size of a bb and gently toss it in if there are chubs one or two will run over and look at it as it sinks.I place the mouth of the trap in the hole with the current running through it, usually fithteen to thirty min is long enough to catch a bunch if not trap shy,what I mean by trap shy is after you trap a hole awhile they wise up and get harder to catch,just move up or down creek to another hole and no problem.Chubs for me are best cut from live minnows so I trap no more than I will use in two days fishing,there is a creek I trap a mile from my house with an unlimited supply.I go to a resturant for coffee each morning so I just go by the creek drop the trap in and pick it back up on the way home.Depending on the size one minnow will make about three or four baits,just cut off the tail and cut up in chunks the size you need.You can take a bluegill hook and just cover the point of the hook with a pinch of red worm and toss it in a hole no weight and they will grab it allmost everytime,but if it does hit bottom just lift it up and start over.I use this method a lot cause you can stop when you get what you won't for one trip.When what minnows you have are a few days old it is best to go ahead and cut them up and put them in ziplock bags and freeze them not as good as frish but still come in handy when you are out of bait and don't have time to gather it for a fishing trip.If you have never tried creek chubs do so you might like them.One more thing if you have plenty they can't be beat as jug and trotline bait also you can cut them in smaller pieces for trotline bait.Well that about does it so come on lets get this bait thread going I need to learn something from you other guys.
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    not only do chubs make good cut bait but the large ones,1/2 lb.and bigger,make as good a live bait for flatheads as you can get.i also catch lots of bass and waleyes while cat fishing with chubs.