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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by GoFish_Tony, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Obviously, Christmas can mean many different things to many different people. Anything from a Baby born in a manger 2,000 years ago, to a Fat man in a red suite sliding down a chimney (and certainly anything in between.) For most, it is a season that is rich in tradition and often creates a lifetime of memories.

    However, during this busy time of the year it's so easy to narrow our focus on only our own personal celebrations of Christmas and often neglect to extend it outward to our fellow man.

    I suppose you could say that the opposite word for "Christmas" would be "selfishness". And it's this selfishness that is the biggest reason why I dislike this Holiday so much. Where is the "thankfulness" in Christmas?

    <private rant ahead..>
    Perhaps if the Christmas commercials didn't start in October, or maybe if the impending deadlines to buy the perfect obligatory gift didn't put so much pressure on us, we could actually enjoy this season. (I just wish that there was something that would allow me to shake off the commercialism, quiet the awful drone of the X-mas music, and not go blind from the twinkling garbage that lines my streets.) </end private rant>

    As I have gotten older, it never fails that at some point before Dec. 25th I will get hit over the head by a "Christmas wake up call". It's this wake up call that allows me to better appreciate something different about this time of year over the rest of the year... and it forces me to be thankful. I think some would call this "the Christmas Miracle". Looking inward, it is not hard to see how much I/we have to be thankful for. (After a little quiet reflection I realize that my list would be long.)

    If your still reading this, you might be wondering... so, what's your point?

    The point is, it is YOU that I have come to accept as one of my greatest gifts I have received this year. The sharing of laughter, as well as our tears, the friendships old and new, and the opportunity to learn as well as to teach, all have been such a gift to me.

    I want each and every one of you to know I am THANKFUL, and I appreciate you all for the gift you are. Whether you are Staff, a Moderator, sponsor, a new or old member... or *shudders*...still just a Guest. You all are what makes this site wonderful.

    Thank you all for being the gifts you are.

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    i understand completely what you are saying. we were riding in the car yesterday and Kenny Chesney's remix of Jingle Bells came on. My 6yo son was singing along, until the part about sitting on the beach and drinking rum came on, and then the channel got changed really quickly. I asked my wife what the he!! happened to christmas music, and if this was the new thing then i dont want any part of it.

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    Thank you Tony excellent post, very well said!!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
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    Tony, I agree that the holidays tend to be too commercialized and superficial these days. We all tend to get very caught up in things and the most important things (the people we care about) get lost in the shuffle. Thank you for bringing this back to remind each of us to take stock of what the season is really about. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well from all of us here. You are right, the BOC is an awesome gift of special people and I consider myself blessed to have you all in my life as well.
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    "I could not have put in better words if I tried"!

    "Great Post & Have a Great Holiday Tony"! :smile2:
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    Your point is very well made, thank you very much. Each of us has the power to reject the absurd commercial nightmare that the merchants want to make Christmas into. Material wealth can make us feel secure, but only human relationships make us feel needed and loved.