Christmas 1954, Newfoundland, USAF.

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    Few days ago I received this picture in email. It was from this internet friend in Michigan that was in the same Air Force outfit as I was in Newfoundland. Someone he didn't know had sent him some pictures to see if he could ID the people in the pictures. Neither of the guys remembers me, nor do I remember them. I first opened the picture and email the guy that I recognized no one. He later called me after he'd printed it and said he thought for sure I was in the picture!:eek:oooh:

    But later after seeing the full size picture, I now recognize a couple other guys besides myself. LOL
    And of course I don't remember the picture being taken 53 years ago.
    A young tender face is all that's visible of me... left side of picture.

    The guy that sent the original picture now lives in California. He says his house burn down a few years ago in one of those wild fires. A box of old 35 MM slides was one of the few things they got out with.

    Several years ago I started communicating with the first guy after another person that lives in Arkansas saw my web page and contacted him for he has a web page about our old outfit. Gets confusing... :confused2:

    The internet sure makes the world feel smaller.

    Merry Christmas