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This is what I use for my bait tank setups. The first one is for when I'm bank fishing. Its just a regular 5 gal bucket with this lid called an eliminator lid. A buddy bought it for me from catfish connection for about 4 bucks. It has three compartments to put whatever you want in and the forth opens to get your bait. Two things all fish need to live is O2 and clean water. I just took a $9.95 bilge pump and ran tubing through the top of the lid. I got a few pieces of PVC for the tubing to go into and down into my filter. I just cut a couple of those fiber filters for my water to run through in order to catch all the scales and crap that shad and other baitfish will make. Then I just drill lots of small holes into my bucket so I have lots of small streams of water to put O2 into the water. Every now and then I will rinse my filter in the water and thats it. I bought a couple of battery clamps and use a lawn mower battery for my 12V power source. I put my battery and cast net in my bucket and then have my hooks and lead in the other two compartments. It works very well and will run for about 12 hours. Then just charge the battery back up on the charger.

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