Choteau Bend

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    Went fishing for a few hours yesterday. :roll_eyes: Was my first time to catfish Choteau Bend on Gibson. I caught plenty of channels up to 8 lbs on the SECRET-7 with the Dead Red tubes. There was a good current moving down the river and all I had to do to catch the channels was anchor right in front of the brush piles then cast right up to them.

    The best piles had from 2 to 15 ft of water running through them. You'll need some rod holders or someone else who can help watch the rods. On the best piles I was having a hard time keeping up with 3 rods. Most of the channels were 1.5 to 3 lbs but there were some nice ones mixed in.

    For the ones who always fish with shad, here is your report....I caught me a nice mess of shad in a creek that comes in on the west side of the river. I fished 3 rods that had SECRET-7 on them, 2 with shad. I never caught a catfish on shad and only had 2 bites that I saw. I was hoping a few blues would take a shad on the drop offs now that the water has cooled to 77 degrees. No Luck yesterday, but the time is near!

    Lots of fun for a short trip. Good catfish water. I would like to go back this winter when the blues start moving around a little more. I found some good deep structure that will hold the bigguns!:wink:

    Sorry no pictures..I was by myself.
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    Thanks for the "strike" report:tounge_out: I'll trade ya boats and get ya some least ya wouldnt "feel-it" :eek:oooh::smile2::cool Me & ol'e Johnny is attacking Kerr tomorrow-morning:0a17: a strike report will follow!!!

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    hey jeff how's the channels still biting up the lake??