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  1. WaltonsMountain

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    I'm confused by the different types of baitcasting Garcia's out there. I know for sure I want one made from Sweden as opposed to China as I've heard from various sources that the craftsmanship is much better and would hold up over a longer period of time.

    I was looking on their website and it looks like the baitcasters are broken down into 3 areas:

    Low Profile
    • REVO™ Reels• MAX™ Series Reels
    • BCX Series Reels• Ambassadeur® C3 Reels• Ambassadeur® C4 Reels• Ambassadeur® Classic Inshore Reels• Ambassadeur® Record™ Reels• Ambassadeur® EXT Reels• Ambassadeur® 7000i Red Reels• Ambassadeur® 7000i SYNCRO Reels• Ambassadeur® 7000iC3 CT MAG HS Reels• Ambassadeur® Big Game Reels

    Line Counter
    • Ambassadeur® 7000i SYNCRO Line Counter Reels• Ambassadeur® Line Counter Reels• Ambassadeur® 7000i Line Counter Reels• Abu Garcia® A20 Line Counter Reels

    So needless to say with all the choices (and myself being new to baitcasting) i'm not sure which one would be right for me. What are the differences in the three categories?

    ...perhaps Catfish1 can help me pick a winner?

    My style: Basically I do alot of bank fishing in both rivers and lakes. Although, my Dad recently purchased a boat so i'm sure i'll be doing some boat cattin' too. I guess my only request is that it have alot of line capacity and durability. I'll be targeting much larger Cats w/ this new reel and I plan on pairing it up w/ a 7' Ugly Stik Tiger. I'd like it to hold up to any fish i'm likely to run into. Even 50+ lbers.

    I hope this info helps. If you need any other info I would be happy to provide. Help me find my Abu!!! :big_smile:

    FATDAD New Member

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    i would go with the 6500 they are very tough reels, i have a couple 7000i but they are a bit big. but i caught a 30lber sat on an 20 year old 6000 and it worked fine.. i dont think you can go wrong with any ambassadeur:big_smile:

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    Ryan; You will find most members on here use 7000 / 6500 in the round style, both models have done the job for years, I'm sure you can be happy with either one. And you could get 1 of each then choose later.:wink:


    If you will be fishing rivers with alot of current you might want to go a little bigger,but if you use braided line,a 6500 is plenty big enough.If you use mono,I would recommend a 9000 or 10000 for the line capacity.Look
    for the gold ones on Ebay.They are the better ones IMO.
  5. WaltonsMountain

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    what is the difference between the low profile, round, and line counter?
  6. sjohn58

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    You would want the round reel. I have two 6500C3 and realy like them.
    Both are on 7' Ugly Stik Tiger :wink:

    The 7000 are made in China.
    The 7000 drag force can be set up to 19.8lb for 7000i
    And 24.2 for 7000ic3

    The 6500 drag force can go to 15lbs, right now I have 40lb power pro on both. After read more, I'll up grade them both to 65lbs. they should hold 240 yards or so on the up grade.

    Hope this helps
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    IMO: The Low Profile are more a bass fishing reel. I believe the round reels in 6000/7000 are work horses. Parts are easy to get too, if you ever need them.