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  1. wylie catter

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    Can you shoot rifled or sabot slugs through a barrel with a screw in choke. Or will it blow the choke out.

    I havent tried it yet and I've heard yes and no as answers.:confused2:

  2. 223reload

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    Nope ,modern screw in chokes are designed to let slugs/sabots pass. the more open though the better accuracy you will get. There is a few companies that offer screw in RIFLED choke tubes for folks that cant afford,or dont have a slug barrel. Just do a google search on rifled choke tubes.

  3. cantstopgrandma

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    It will not hurt anything. My cousin and uncle have been doing it for years with no adverse affects. I would not, hoever, use anything fuller than a Modified choke. I would worry about bulging the end of the barrel if you used a full choke. This worry may be unfounded, but i doubt you will get any accuracy at all with a full choke anyway, so why risk it? Most shoot IC, I have witnessed some guns that like modified better (these were 20ga).
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    You can shoot slugs through a rifled choke tube, I have. Ive heard the accuracy is much better thru a rifled barrel though, would make sense to me anyway.
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    You can shoot slugs thru a screw in choke system. If you dont want to invest in a rifled tube I'd try the IC Improved Cylinder tube 1st. Buy/try full bore foster style as you'll be wasting you money with any premium/sabot type slugs. Personaly if its a 12ga, try Brenneke K.O. slugs first, $3/5 at the local farm n home stores. Ive taken over 30 deer with these since switching in '04, many were non spine knock down kills! Few went more then a few steps, 180(ish) lb 8pt last year took 3 steps after a double lung hit at 10 yards or so. These are shorter range though, massive frontal/expansion area. I have taken deer at longer ranges but you have to shoot your gun and have a sighting system you know. At 100 yards they have a big drop, my Winchester prints them 15" low at 100 yards but they stay within a 5" group at 100 yards(its sighted in for 50 yards). Ive taken coyotes and deer past 100 yards. Odds are you wont need to shoot that far. But for .60 ea a guy can afford to shoot them alot more then premium slugs that run $8/5 and Ive seen them for over $25/5. I dont know about anyone else but I cant afford to shoot alot of $3+ea. slugs. Im so confident and sold on the K.O.'s I buy 5 box's every two weeks in case the supply disappears or big brother makes it harder to find ammo(Ive got over 100 box's).
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    I've always heard to only use a cylinder choke or an improved cylinder choke for slugs. I've never shot them this way, only with a rifled barrel.

    You won't want to use sabot slugs though because there will be nothing to spin the projectile, so you probably won't get very good groups. It would be like shooting a rifle with no rifling in the barrel. Use rifled slugs in a smooth barrel or sabot slugs in a rifled barrel or a rifled choke tube.

    Yes rifled barrels should give you better accuracy than rifled choke tubes. 18"-24" (or however long they come) vs. 3" of rifling should create a more stable projectile. It's like shooting a pistol with a short barrel vs. one with a long barrel or a rifle.