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choke canyon reservoir

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is any one fishing choke or am i the only one.
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LOL; I spent several years in George West and my family used to fish Choke when it was a new lake. My Grandmother's brother used to have 150 ac on the river, when they built the dam, he ended up with 16ac left, Right below the SP Boundary. Makes for some excellent deer hunting ;) growing up as a kid I used to run throw lines and a trap line along the river. Nothing better than after breakfast heading down to the river with a 22 & a dip net.

It's drastic level changes in the last few years have turned me off. It's a beautiful lake though.

Catchin any good cats? My best out of the lake was up near the bridge, a 22LB Yellow. The bass fishing was phenominal after they opened up the Callaham ramp.
I'm looking for new information on Choke. I left the Atascosa County area in '87 and am moving back home in less that 30 days if I have my way! My Dad used to fish the lake, has Altzimmers, and he is now in NM so I need updated info! The last time I was in the area it was just a wide spot in the river.
South of the San Antonio area. Look on the map for George west and you will see the Three Rivers area. Choke Canyon.
i fish choke canyon, i usually go to the 99 bridge and go up river. or go to the last boat ramp up the river . i use yellofin tuna cut up,cut perch or buffalo. every 4 th hook i put on a live perch(riogrande) if i can catch some and bull head catfish or other perch. i fish mostly when the moon is dark. have caught some hogs at choke. jugging is also good in 10 20 feet of water and along drop offs.
My wife and I fished Choke Canyon from Thanksgiving till the first of June. We fish with Rod and Reels only. The best fishing I have ever had. You can't fish ever day but you can fish a lot more days there than where I live 175 miles north. As the water and weather got hotter in the spring fishing was getting slower. Watching the cleaning tables in the State park and talking with people is intersting. The yellow cats are mostly caught up above the Hwy 99 bridge on live bait. Choke is predominantly a Blue catfish lake and the Biologists do creel surveys counting and measuring your catch on various week ends during the winter. I had some friends come down last year they fished for several days using trot lines and took home over 500 lbs of dressed fish. It is literally mind boggling how many fish that lake produces. The lake was full last winter. The pictures that I have seen when the lake was down 20 ft. look terrible. We are goin back down there in a couple of weeks. Hope things are as good this year.
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