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    near that hellhole dallas
    That time of year again. With first frost possible (but not expected right now) just anytime now we decided to go ahead and pick the chile bushes clean and get the winter garden in the ground. Rutabagas mostly - (try 'em, youll never go with turnip/mustard/collard greens again)

    1 and a 1/2 5 gallon buckets of jalepenos
    1/2 bucket of bell peppers
    1/2 bucket of banana
    1/2 bucket of "numex big jim" (a hatch type chile but hotter)
    1/2 bucket of cayennes
    1/2 bucket of mystery chilies. supposed to be pimentos. theyre sweet, roundish and properly sized but WHOOOOO boy they are HOT HOT HOT.
    and lastly
    about a third bucket of a new one called "yummy" and it lives up to its odd name. very sweet, thick walled, plum-sized, unique flavor, can sit there and eat them like apples.

    the bells were chopped and frozen. the cayennes will be mashed and made into pepper sauce. the bananas and yummies are sitting in the lime bath for a bit to be canned. wife is cutting jalapenos now and ill take over for her in a few mins. the rest to be canned too but kept separated by type. needless to say its going to be a long day.
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    near that hellhole dallas
    when ground up we had more of the ground cayenne/numex jim's than i needed for the pepper sauce so are also making a batch of hot pepper jelly.

    yikes this is a lot of work, glad we only do this once a year.

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    Just can't have TOO MANY :wink::cool2:
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    Lost Wages
    Unless ya grow them barn burners!
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    same thing here:smile2: the wife made a soup you oughtu try -browned hamburger with onions and garlic,rice and stewed maters,chop up some of every kind of pepper you got. simmer for a little bit. pritty good stuff:big_smile::cool2:
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    near that hellhole dallas
    all the chile' bushes we had in the flowerbeds stayed protected till a few days ago. had just enough for one last batch of pepper jelly. all jalepenos but we make it with any type or mix of peppers. too easy...

    grind up enough peppers to give you 4 cups of ground peppers.

    add to pot 1 cup of vinegar (white or cider okay)
    1 Tbsp lemon juice
    1 tsp of butter
    1 envelope of sure jell
    the 4 cups worth of ground peppers

    bring to full boil and boil for one minute.

    add 5 cups white sugar
    bring to boil stirring constantly and keep at rolling boil for one full minute.

    remove from heat and immed. put into mason jars. hot water bath can them for fifteen minutes.

    can take two weeks to set, follow procedure exactly or risk a set failure.

    *we have done this with various pepper types exclusively and just about any mix-match combo within reason. if you have a food processor with a grater blade use this in lieu of a grinder- makes for prettier jelly and more seeds stay intact. my personal fav is a mix of anaheims and cayennes.

    pure habenero has the best flavor but a little on the hot side for eating much of it. best as an ingredient in bbq sauces or marinades.

    give the jars a gentle shake a few hours after removing from the canner, sometimes the pepper wants to settle a little bit in the jar and by then its cooled off enough to keep them all in suspension.

    a few drops of food color in the batch is fine- we use different colors to identify various batches, blue jelly makes an interesting gift too. :)
    if you like that neon "dill pickle" green... two drops yellow for each drop green

    granulated garlic powder gives flavor to jelly you will use just for cooking but makes jelly murky looking.

    awesome on sandwiches, ham, chicken, beef, etc... i did try it on a PB-J sandwich once, weird for sure but at least i can say ive tried it.