Chiefs VS Colts

Discussion in 'Ersel's Gridiron Talk' started by rcneman, Jan 7, 2007.

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    I did not get a chance to watch the whole game, but watched most of the second half.

    I had a question for those loyal Chiefs or Colts followers. Is the Colt's D really that good? or was it the Chief's offense played poorly?

    I've seen both teams only once or twice this year, at best, so i'm not that famaliar with them, other than LJ's constant highlights and of course Manning.

    Heck if the Colts play D like that the next few weeks, they might actually win the darn thing (Super Bowl)

  2. LilRyjoe04

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    I went to the game yesterday and damn did the Colts defense look better than I have ever seen them! They held L.J. to 32 yards on thirteen carries.:eek:oooh: I kept hearing all week that L.J. was going to have a career game and rush for over two hundred.? You know what helped the defense, was the return of Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders. He stops a lot of runs in the backfield and he picked off Green to pretty much put an end to the game. Peyton was a little off, to say the least, that doesn't happen often.. Damn Ty Law!! He's had Peyton's number ever since he played for the Pats, where he intercepted three of his passes in one game.:embarassed: Thank god there is only one Ty Law in the league.:lol: We'll see how the Colts do next week in Baltimore, but the Colts have beaten them in the past four or five games if I remember correctly. Peyton has always had the Ravens number on the defensive side of the ball. If the defense doesn't allow the Ravens a first down in the first half like they did to the Chiefs yesterday, it'll lead to the same result as yesterday, a win. Go Colts!!

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    Cheifs played horribly! No excuse for keeping a quaterback in the whole game that didnt get a first down until late in the third quarter. Im sure Huard was chomping at the bit to get out there and play. But it wasnt just the QB's fault, the whole team acted like they were trying out for peewee football. As a Cheifs fan, I hang my head in shame...........:embarrassed_2:.

    Maybe next year.

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    All that I got to say is:"13 Carries for 32 Yards"! :0a14: & that I can't wait to get to work this morning! LoL:happy:

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