Chicken Fried Venison/Elk

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    This is SOOO EASY my son just cooked it last night. Alot of us now have deer or elk in our freezer and its just too cold to use our webers, at least it is for me so indoors is the answer and this is just the BEST AND EASY
    Take your meat and put it between some plastic wrap and pound it out, it will at least double in size. Put about 1/8 inch of oil in your skillet and get it frying hot, take your meat and put it in a bowl of buttermilk and then in seasoned flour and then in the skillet, wait until the edges turn brown b4 you even look to see if it is all the way browned, after its browned about 3-4 minutes turn over and do the other side about 8 minutes total, TURN ONCE, it is just perfect.
    If you know how, make gravey to put some on your meat or hot sauce, buttermilk biscuits work great with this but that's
    another story.
    This is so easy and just wonderful, your meat stash will now go away faster than you ever thought:crazy:
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    Another way to prepare meat for frying country style is to use a little hand tenderizer that has 5 or 6 little pronged metal wheels on it. You run it back and forth across the meat, and it tenderizes it. You'll end up with a piece of meat about the same thickness and diameter as you would if you pounded it with a mallet. It looks a lot like cubed steak when done.