Chickamauga Tailwaters, 4-12-2008

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    I made a quick little foray to the Chickamauga tailwaters this morning. I thought maybe it was "closed season" at first because at daylight I had it all to myself. Tried for some stripers for a while. Had one good one blow-up on a redfin... but it was a "swing and a miss." Pulled out the chicken breast after that and poked 5 or 6 catfish in the nose. Nothing big... just good eaters. But good to see the tailwater cats are gettin' there. Didn't have my cast net but I did take the wire dip net and scooped up some threadfins. First drop in the "special spot" produced a good largemouth, at 5.11 lbs, that's the best one I've stuck in a while. Caught three other bass 2-3 pounds and a big, mean channel cat about 8 lbs. on the threadfin. Of course missed 3 or 4 good hits. Just a fun little "mixed bag" kind of day. FYI for the Cat Men, I did see a few skipjack chasing minnows at daylight. I'm heading up to Center Hill for a wedding this afternoon and hope to try and stick a trout or two on the Caney Fork tomorrow. Life is good and gettin' better every day.