Chickamauga Blue Catfish - 2/21

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    Harrison TN
    Eric Maurer
    Went out today, took a TWRA biologist with me to try to get him a TARP (Tennessee Anglers Recognition Program) blue cat - must be at least 34". Found a few fish in 50 ft. of water at the bottom of the drop-offs using frozen cut shad and redhorse sucker, but fishing was generally slow because of little water flow. We did manage about 10 in the 8-11 lb range and missed a number of fish. We did get lucky and my guest landed a 40 lb 1 oz blue that was 44.5". This was his tenth trophy species and qualifies him as a Tennessee Master Angler Type 3 (this is new this year). Talk about happy! He is only the third Tennesse angler to achieve this (behind me and his regular fishing partner - also a TWRA biologist - who went with me last week and got his tenth trophy species- a 35" blue). The smaller fish were tightly schooled and hard to find. The big fish were scattered and we only had 2 other heavy bites, one that came off early and one that broke the leader at a knot. The fish are out there, but are not easy to find yet. I'll report on future trips as I find fish or something inteteresting happens. Eric
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    Thanks for the report Eric and keep them coming ,I'll be out that way in a Short time.

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    A second thanks for the report.