Chester Frost?

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    Hixson Tn
    I am new to the area again, used to live here while I was in the Coast Guard, lived in Soddy Daisy. Now in Hixson and re-married to a fine gal that actually wants me to go fishing! My question is I am limited to shore fishing and right now Chester Frost is fairly close to home. Any advice on bank fishing around that area. Not looking for monsters but looking for a fight from some cats all the same. Thanks for any and all help.

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    Hey Richard, welcome to the BOC buddy. I haven't fished Chester Frost enough to give you any good tips. Judy and I usually fish Nickajack Dam. There are a bunch of members here locally that will probably be along here soon and let you know where to fish.

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    I can't profess to know many details because I don't bank fish a whole lot. However, I do know that if you find your way to the northern tip of Chester Frost Park (area circled on attached "lakemap.jpg") you have access to some deeper water near shore. Chunk some cut bait or chicken breast out there, sit back and wait. I would also recommend the area immediately above Chickamauga Dam (circled on "lakemap2.jpg"). Drive like you are going to the Dam from south side, off Amnicola Highway. There is public parking and public access right at the face of the dam. On northern tip end of rip rap, near turbine intakes, you have shoreline access to real deep water. It's a great cat area... watch for me and my G3 there. :wink: Of course tailwaters below Dam are good... but trickier to fish depending upon level of power generation (water flow). Good luck.

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