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Cheryl, a general conversation in public view. Cheryl are you any good at math? I am not. I hate math. Cosines, formulas, quarks, long division, multiplication and fractions. Especially fractions. Fractions are scarry things. The only thing I hate worse than math is physics.

I am gonna give ya some math. If I thump my Ugly stick on the ground, once every twenty in a cycle of twenty four, divided equally between three/fifths, not counting the 6th plus an equal amount to others at 15,000 a crack, how long would it take in seconds before the cows came home to be milked?
John, without certain information, you are creating a circular reference. First, we need to know what measure of time you are using when you say twenty in a cycle of 24. Are you talking equal increments, seconds to seconds, or minutes to hours, hours to hours, etc...

Next you cannot divide equalyy between 3/5's you can divide equally by, but not between.

Now if I interpret your mesurements correctly and if you begin at 3 am during the second cycle of the moon phase, it would take exactly 7200 seconds for the lead cow with the last cow, given a herd of 382, coming in at 9000 seconds or 30 minutes after the 1st.

Good Luck,

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