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    I love fishing the Neosho river but sometimes I like to go to some of my neighbors farm ponds. I have always seen fishing these ponds as alot of fun. If you are realy looking for great catfishing and there is not a river or a resivore for miles around you, before you think about taking that long trip, Go talk to some of your local farmers and sometimes the best catfishing in your area could be less than a mile from your house. But one thing I do stress thouroughly is to ask permission first and if they let you fish there, respect that landowner and his land.
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    Grandpa built a pond years ago on his farm. After he passed mom and dad bought the place because they wanted to keep it in the family. Many night I have sat out there till daylight catching channels. Not a real big pond but alot of fun none the less. Full of Gills, Ba$$, and Channels. Memories that I will have forever. When I take Madison fishing for the first time it will be at this pond for sure.

    This picture is probably from 5 years ago when myself, cousin, brother, and wife tried to hand pick all the cat tails out for my grandpa. He did not ask, we just did it for him. He was pretty sick from the cancer and it put a smile on his face to see the pond free from all the cat tails. Great memory that I will have forever.


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    ITS "NESSIE" and one of the young ones! LOL!

    Two good posts rite here!
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    man there is some GREAT fishin here in TN farm ponds.

    I moved away many years ago...developed a neutral accent and then came back. Many locals now look at me as an outsider or "damned yankee", but my roots are in TN, from several generations.

    I know of a few ponds that hold very nice fish. Some are catfish ponds, others are bass ponds....BLAH..anyways there are plenty of small ponds all over the place that hold some awesome fish, you just have to know the right people to gain access.