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    Any B.O.C. members live around cherokee ,i'm going to be up there thursday 13th thru monday morning .if so pm me maybe we can get together an talk fish'n :wink: or you can tell my the best baits an riggs for the tribail trout :cool2:
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    Dickie are you familier with the area at all ? Do you know the area your gonna target , or all over ? I fish the big water downtown too the top of the Mt when I go . I use something a little different everywhere . Downtown I always use sweet corn out of the can , or spiners , mostley gold one's eight ounce or sixteenth . I walk upstream fishing in front of myself and when you catch one keep fishing that area for ten - fifteen minutes and you can either keep catchin till you have your limit or keep on walkin till you find em . I don't care for the KOA ponds to much myself , but you can catch some nice fish in there from time to time on spinners or you can stop at the gas station on the sharp curve and get some wax worms . If you go and fish the tribal stream you can find some deep holes to through spinners or fish the shallow waters with dough , orange power bait with glitter in it or even red worms . hope this helps you out !!! Let me know if you have any questions give me a call , and I'll tell ya what I know ... Have fun , wish I was making a trip up there .:sad2::roll_eyes::wink::cool2::big_smile:

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    sounds like nick knows how to catchem!:wink: