Cheez and Cathhoker in TN.

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    MAN O MAN what a was the fishing. We set two personal best this morning. Cheeze got a 39lb blue and I got a 25lb blue. We did the CPR on em and watched em swim back into the deep. Cheeze got his on a skipjack head and I got mine on CB. We filled a 100 quart cooler up with 5 to 10 lbers with four or five in the 10lb range. Cheez released a 12lber....well he layed it down on a HOT cooler lid to remove the hook and the fish was having nothing of that frying pan....did himself a half gainer off that cooler and belly flopped right back in the water...we laughed so hard tears was a streamin down my face.....bout 1pm we had all the fun and that boiling sun we could stand.
    This day meant more to me than Cheez realized. My Dad was my fishing partner until he got sick. After he got sick almost all my fishing ceased. He passed away Jan. 1st of this year and I really felt like my fishing days were over. My family told me that he would have wanted me to get up off my butt and go fishing. Cheez contacted me a few weeks ago and ask me if I was ready to up off the butt and we go fishing. This day was a healing day for me that the Lord made possible thru Cheez and the catfish.....Thank you Cheez.
    A fanatic has been reborn...lmao.

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    Alan, I don't see how ya'll stood the heat out there today, it was unreal. Ya'll sure tore them up heat or no heat. Way to go buddy. I'm glad to see you are getting back out on the water again.

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    Sarver, Pa
    Great report and pics Alan! Glad to hear you got the fire back and ready to put fear into them Cats! :cool2:
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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Very nice pics.
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    Sounds like my kind of day......great pics.